Fremont County was the first county created after Idaho was admitted to the Union. It was organized by the Legislature in 1893 from the northern part of Bingham County. It was named for John C. Fremont, the pathfinder who surveyed the West for the Government.
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Snowmobile Trails

Property Tax Reduction



Grooming is underway on snowmobile trails
in Fremont County.
See our trail report for a current list of groomed trails.

Just under half of the Idahoans eligible for Idaho Circuit Breaker Program apply for the discount, according to AARP. The program reduces property taxes on a homeowner’s primary Idaho residence and up to one acre of land by as much as $1,320.

Applicants can have no more than $29,100 in total 2014 income. They must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents and meet certain other guidelines as of Jan. 1, 2015. Applications must be filed by April 15. Contact the Assessor's Office for more information, 208-624-7984.


Feb. 5 through March 6 at 5 p.m. the Courthouse is an absentee polling place. Electioneering* is illegal within 100 feet of a polling place as per Idaho Code 18-2318. Pamphlets, handouts, newspaper ads, newspaper articles, stickers, pins, pens, or other campaign materials are not allowed. Conversations regarding candidates or ballot items, while being in the Courthouse, are not allowed. Vehicles with bumper stickers with electioneering content must be parked 100 feet away from the Courthouse. *To work for the success of a particular candidate, party, ticket, etc.

Memo to County Commission from Planning Administrator Tom Cluff