Meetings and Other Events

Meetings are open to the public except for executive sessions. However, if you are not on the agenda you will not be recognized to speak. If you would like to speak during the meeting please contact the County Clerk's office to be placed on the agenda for County Commission meetings, or the Planning Department for Planning & Zoning meetings.

Please contact the Clerk's Office prior to any county meeting if special assistance is needed for people planning to attend.

Board of County Commissioners
Regular Meeting
July 5 9 A.M.
Fremont County Courthouse

9:00 Bills submitted for payment
9:30 Executive Session IC 74-206(1)(a)
11:30 Planning and Building Administrator Tom Cluff RE: Department Report

Need to discuss
• Insurance
• Review & Sign Contracts
• Applications – Beer & Liquor and Jr. College
• Minutes from previous meetings


Taxes levied and assessed for 2012 which have not been paid are delinquent. The time of redemption from taxes expires July 8, 2016, at 5 p.m., and if not paid a tax deed will be issued to Fremont County. For a list of delinquent parcels, along with description of the property, name and last known address of the person/persons who are the record owners of said properties and the total amount due, including late charge and interest, plus additional fees and costs, including title reports, preparation costs and advertising, click the link below.

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