Campaign Finance

Candidate Campaign Finance Reports

Seven-Day Pre-Primary

30-Day Post-Primary


Seven-Day Pre-General

30-Day Post-General


Fillable Forms

(Requires Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher)

C-1 Appointment and Certification of Political Treasurer
C-2 Campaign Financial Disclosure Report
Pg 1 Summary
Pg 2 Detailed Summary
Pg 3 Itemized Contributions
Pg 4 Itemized Expenditures
Pg 5 In-Kind Contributions & Expenditures
Pg 6 Loans
Pg 7 Credit Cards & Debt
Pg 8 Credit Card & Debt Itemization
Pg 9 Pledged Contributions Not Yet Received

* If you are filling out multiple pages you will need to fill out the page, print it out, clear it and then fill it out with your second page of data. Typing over the page deletes what you previously entered.

C-4 Independent Expenditures
C-5 48 Hour Notice
C-6 Statement by a Nonbusiness Entity
C-7 48 Hour Notice of Independent Expenditures
C-8 Report of Electioneering Communication