LID Final Assessment Hearing

Relating to ordinance 97-1
Island Park/Macks Waste water system

AS ADVERTISED A PUBLIC HEARING WAS HELD THIS DAY, August 23, 1999, at 3:30 p.m. by the Fremont County Commissioners.

Commission Chairman Neal Christiansen opened the hearing. He welcomed those in attendance. The meeting is to be recorded. A sign up sheet was provided. Those wishing to testify were invited to sign the roll along with those who did not. There were seventy-six (76) individuals seated in the audience. Several letters had been received with comments. Introductions were made. Representing the county were Commissioners Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Also in attendance from the county were Attorney Penny Stanford, Clerk Mickie Funke and deputy clerk Janice Sharp, Treasurer Patricia McCoy and deputy treasurer J'lene Cherry, Assessor Ivel Burrell, Waste water supervisor Dan Lostutter and Harry Barker and retired employee Jay Killmer and the county accountant Ernest Jensen.

Commissioner Christiansen turned the meeting over to Kurt Hibbert, project administrator from East Central Idaho Planning and Development Association and Willie Tuescher project engineer from Forsgren Associates.

Tuescher gave the audience a history of why the system was upgraded; update to DEQ requirements, higher occupancy rate and new growth (new developments) coming on to the system are the reasons. The cost of the project was itemized in rounded figures.

Project Cost $1,700,000
Itemized 27,500 legal and administrative costs
101,200 design
33,600 inspections
1,537,700 construction
Terms: 4.5% interest over 20 years
Users: cost = $1980 per equivalent user

Equivalent assessment was defined as (1) one being a single residence. There are approximately 890 equivalent users on the LID system, a combination of single residences and commercial users.

Kurt Hibbert and Willie Tuescher opened questions up about the assessment - if there were any individuals who felt they were incorrectly assessed.

Steven Clark: Island Park sub #1. He feels that not everyone was gotten on the project and wants them included.
Douglas Drake: Drake questioned the equivalent user breakdown. Tuescher gave examples of the user fee. Drake had a question on a RV park. Drake said he did not mind paying his fair share as long as everyone else did too, He wanted to know the breakdown of the equivalent users fee for the condominium units.
David Hunter: Hunter had four or five questions to pose on how to treat everyone equitably. He wants the commissioners to adopt a resolution to set up an advisory board of property owners, there was an Island Park/Macks board in place until the new ordinance was adopted that included Ponds and Last Chance.
Kay Ridley: A question on a renter being on the roll.
Vance Derricott: Derricott said that he wondered about his commercial fee on the businesses he has and his home.
Robin Dunn: Attorney Dunn represents Macks Inn, past and present clients that are or were owners. He wanted to know about equivalent users for Macks, approximately sixty units. Dunn feels that the new users fee should go against the cost of the system, then create a new LID if needed for the future. Dunn asks the commissioners to work with policy issues.
Tom Jewel: Jewel wondered about his user fee, a garage separate from a home hookup, and the church fee.
Grant Stucki: Wondered if he will be allowed to pay the 1908 up front, then he would pay $180 in O&M or what ever it is assessed in the future. The amount paid for two years would be taken off of the fee.
Gary Thompson: He wondered about the usage of the unit compared to those living there full time. He asked the commissioners to look at the equivalent user fee. He said that being an older hookup he has paid $2000 in maintenance over the years. He feels that new hookup fees need to be raised above $3000.
Ruth Bischoff: She has paid for three hookups but has only been using two. She feels that those using the cabins less than those who use the system all year. Requests one hookup be removed.
Grant Neiburg: Feels that we live in a pristine area and feels that there is foresight in having a wastewater system. He wants a plan that pays for itself and that people are treated fairly and equally. He wants to make sure the future is going to be here that the waste is handled.
Verl Bell: He is a senior citizen that uses his cabin three months a year. Should there be some consideration for people like him, some way to help such people.
Jack Cotton: He requested that if he pays it up front would he get a 1.5% discount up front.
Richard Draper: He feels that the older people need to have some kind of consideration so that they can hang on to their
property and not begin to rent the cabins out. Then the flows will go up.

No other persons wanted to speak, written testimony was called for.

Commissioner Neal Christiansen then closed the hearing at 5:16 p.m. with a thank you to those attending. The commissioners will now reconvene into their regular meeting to consider the ordinance on the LID assessment.

Submitted by County Clerk Mickie Funke