Proposed Ban on Public Watercraft
July 1, 1999

As advertised a public hearing was held this day on a request to consider a ban for personal watercraft on Henry’s Lake. A sign up sheet was provided and oral and written testimony was allowed. Commission Chairman Neal Christiansen conducted the meeting. Introductions were made, Commissioner Glenn Davis, Sheriff Terry Thompson, Deputy Sheriff Bill Ashton, Jim Poulsen State Park and Recreation Department, Tamra Cikaitoga County Chairman, Mickie Funke County Clerk.

Ron Slocum: Does not want the watercraft, has witnessed inappropriate operation by mostly younger drivers. Feels that the lake is a irrigation storage lake, not a multi-purpose waterway, used primarily for fishing.

Mark Chandler: Suggests forming a local working committee, forming rules and regulations for the lake. Create a fee structure for use of the lake, turning the revenue back to the committee for purposes that might include enforcement, erosion. He does not know how to separate the small size watercraft as causing the problems over larger size. He feels that wind surfing and catamarans will come to the lake.

Dave Rydalch: Representative of the North Fork Reservoir Company. He introduced directors from the company. Concerns are safety by the dam and erosion. He discussed large boats and the wakes he has witnessed, said that the lake is a privately owned lake. He provided a provisional data graph that is included in these minutes.

Shane Roos: He rents jet skis and said that he gives good instruction to clients before they use them. He feels that it would be a discrimination against one size watercraft from another. He wants to wait for EPA standards to dictate oil and fuel usage.

Vada Roberts: She is the President of South Henrys Lake Homeowners Association and a year round resident. The state has a narrow waterways law that she feels if were enforced would take care of a lot of the concerns. She has had damage from wakes on her docks, noise is a factor. She feels safety is the main concern. Personal Watercraft should not be used as a babysitter. She does not want discrimination, respect, instruction and education for the users.

Dale Philips: He is opposed to a ban, feels that there needs to be alternatives. Spends most time on the Island Park Reservoir. Echoes training and education. Identifies problem on some people allowing children and grandchildren operate.

Dave Skidmore: Does not want jet skis banned. He lives on the outlet next to Vada Roberts. He feels that the definition needs to be made, has seen a small percentage of all recreational groups be a problem. Feels that erosion may come from wind and the dam. He has given instruction to his children age 8 and above that ride his jet skies.

Dave Light: Feels that there may be 100 or more boats on the lake this weekend. Said that this is a shallow lake. He is a fisherman and has experienced problems with the jet skis.

Lloyd Chandler: He has had a cabin on the lake for about 20 years, he has boated and water-skied on the lake. He has not noticed a problem with erosion. He has not has a problem with boats and the wakes. He has used the outlet to ski on. Asked for people to be courteous.

Gerald Harris: He is concerned with Island Park Reservoir, the cabins on Bills, and subdivision development. He does not want the ban but does want something that will not drive people crazy. He read a statement from Representative Golden Linford. Feels that tighter control will need to be imposed. Most of the Jet Ski users are oblivious to boating laws. Wants users to work to impose some workable rules and regulations but not a ban.

David Taylor: Feels that jet skis are irritating and also fun to be on. What will the size be for a definition? He feels that as technology increases the equipment will be more user friendly and quieter. Does not want any more rules and regulations imposed. Feels that there needs to be restrictions, and licenses.

Scott Kandler: He is a farmer and an irrigator. Feels that a determination of "irritating" may become broad, irritation to one may not be a problem to another.

Allan Rhorer: He feels that jet skis rely on speed, main concern is safety. He feels that it is difficult to avoid others at a high speed. Wants two areas, one for higher speed and one for low with reduced speed on large waterways.

Claudia Tremelling: Has property at Timber Creek, does not want to be disturbed by the noise, she wants to keep the serenity of the area. She stands in opposition of the jet skis on the lake.

Robert Franz: Has a cabin on Goose Bay. Some land under water of the lake. Feels that we need freedom in the country, does not want any more laws. Does not own a Jet Ski but has used them and had fun.

Sheriff Terry Thompson: Announced that there would be a new patrol boat on Henrys Lake this weekend and in the future that works well on the lake and in the wind. He has a patrol officer assigned and citations will be written for reckless driving. Registrations will be checked. A boat will be used on the reservoir, personnel is short but will do their best. Will give it a good try. A new deputy will be on the reservoir this year.

Jim Poulsen: State Park and Recreation discussed laws that have been passed. Discussed boating laws. He would like to see the county open some other areas for recreation – alternate bodies of water. Comments were fielded.

Commissioner Christiansen made closing comments. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. as no other person wished to testify. Written testimony is still allowed until July 8, 1999.