County Commission Meeting Minutes
October 25, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Elected Officials: Attending the regularly scheduled meeting were elected officials: all commissioners, Chief Deputy Assessor Brett Hill, Treasurer Patricia McCoy, and Clerk Mickie Funke.

Commissioner Glenn Davis had made the motion to hold a closed session on personnel issues, policy and procedures. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion, and a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Security issues were discussed. The closed session was completed and the public meeting resumed.

Clerk Mickie Funke said that she has approval from the State Tax Commission on the 1999 tax property levies. Treasurer Patricia McCoy said that she has started the tax drive and is putting delinquent bills for weeds and landfill services as special fees on the tax notice.

Banking: Kelly Anderson and Rich Casper, representatives from Zions Bank, met with the commissioners with banking proposals for the county business and affinity banking for the employees. Casper requests the commissioners allow them to prepare a proposal for the county warrant account. If an account were established, the employees would be available for the affinity accounts.

Property taxes on Sawtelle Mountain Resort: Mike Vickers informed the commissioners that he had purchased Sawtelle Mountain Resort in a trustee sale. The assessment was over the price of the purchase, Vickers requests the purchase price be the market value price for computation of the taxes. The facility sets on nine acres. The value has been set for the notices that are printed and the taxing districts involved have used the values when they set budgets. The value would not be changed but the commissioners would be able to cancel taxes if they choose.

Stonegate Plat: Mike Vickers presented the final plat for Stone Gate #2 to the commissioners, he will furnish a letter of credit for roads, and a water system. Commissioners asked Vickers about the impact to the lift stations the wastewater will be pumped through. Commissioners asked that the developers consider the cost of the upgrade. Vickers said that he wondered about continuing the impact assigned to phase 1, an assessment of each lot of $220 from the developers be continued through the next phases. Any new hookup fees will be at $3,000 per the current ordinance. Commissioner Christiansen will sign the plat after the line of credit has been supplied to Karen Lords, Planning and Zoning Administrator.

Social Services: Deputy Clerk, Debbie Adams, met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion on the following: to pre-approve medical claim #2000-04 for needed surgery; to approve medical claim #99-260 for $22,234.33 before negotiations, a catastrophic claim of which the county will pay the first $10,000 and the balance will be submitted to the state as a catastrophic claim; to send a letter of non-jurisdiction on medical claim #2000-01 for an old bill of $3,100 because of other resources. All approved applications contained reimbursement agreements. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting favor. One lien was signed and approved to be recorded on medical claims, two liens were released.

Encroachment on County Right of Way: Surveyor Rick Byrem said that there is a old log cabin on Lot 50 in Canyon Ranches that the corner of the building sets 1.3 feet onto the county road right of way. Byrem is asking for an easement to cover the existing encroachment. The county attorney would need to draw up the easement. The commissioners give their approval for the easement on the existing cabin, but would not cover a new structure should one be built.

Surplus Motor Grader: As advertised bids were accepted on a surplus motor grader 1985 140 G grader with full snow equipment.
Melehes Bothers Inc. $51,000
Parker Sand and Gravel 52,600
Western States 50,000
Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to accept the bid from Parker Sand and Gravel. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Forest Service: Adrienne Keller, Ranger for the Targhee Forest Service, said that the Environmental Impact Statement on the Travel Plan booklets are being mailed out. A news release has been provided to the media. After publication at the Post Register a forty-five day timeline for appeal will take place.

Department Reports: There was no report on wastewater systems from Dan Lostutter. Park and Recreation Chairman, Tamra Cikaitoga had called to say there may be consideration of a hearing on the National Park winter access in Fremont County.

Road and Bridge Supervisor, Weldon Reynolds discussed a dual road use (snowmobiles and vehicles) on a portion of the Yale-Kilgore road. Alternate snowmobile routes were discussed. Storm and whiteout conditions are a concern. There will be a new road and bridge employee in the Ashton area. There will be logging in the area and the road will be open for trucks while they are able to work.

The Forest Service will need a letter on placing a building at the relay station on Ashton Hill to house a generator. There is a generator that is surplus from the waste water system; it will be tested for frequency compatibility for the radio towers.

Bill Wuthrick, Emergency Management, had written that he had checked on a county evacuation plan and found one from the state transportation office stating the sheriff is the coordinator of plan. He suggested the sheriff and road supervisor get together on the plan.

Planning and Zoning Administrator, Karen Lords, is ready to hire an administrative assistant, after interviewing applicants she will submit a recommendation to the commissioners.

Golf Course: Park and Recreation Chairman, Tamra Cikaitoga, and Golf Pro Fred Luthy discussed projects at the Golf Course. Luthy said that the driving range is getting finished that he needed some help seeding and leveling. The cost for the grass seed would be close to $700 to $1000. He would like to plant the seed right before it snows so the seed will germinate and grow next spring. Luthy said he is paying for BECO to move soil from his personal funds. The golf association bought the sod for the greens.

Luthy has been working to locate a consultant on the irrigation system. Cikaitoga said she has made calls as well to companies, one has responded and will come for a fee. Three holes, 7 –8 – 9 are the main problems. The work shed needs to be replaced.

Luthy requests the golf course fund be changed from an enterprise fund to a fund that could be supported by other revenue. He said that the use of Road and Bridge equipment was appreciated and hopes to use a pickup and dump truck in the next season. Leases for equipment was discussed.

Luthy would like to get a college intern to work on the course doing the greens in the future. He asked the commissioners to consider allowing the intern to live at the golf course in the clubhouse basement apartment.

Luthy said that there needs to be more exposure for the golf course on the highway, a sign was suggested. A waste area, approximately 10 acres, near holes 7,8,9 may be cultivated.

The golf course has been closed but Luthy said that he would like to stay open for two weeks before Christmas to be able to sell things from the Pro Shop. Luthy said that he would bring in a heater, there would be some electrical costs, possibly some snow removal or plowing. Cikaitoga wondered if the inventory should be left at the golf course for liability if the building were broken into. The commissioners will allow him to open the shop if he furnishes the heat; the county will pay electricity and keep the road open.

The mens’ and womens’ associations may be able to assist with the needs of the course according to Merrill Rose. One building needs to be replaced, a shed that is used to store equipment. Commissioners said they will consider a metal building, Cikaitoga will get proposals on what a building will cost.

Commissioner Frank Mackert will get back with Luthy on the request for seed, heavy equipment and will consider the new building.

Homeowner’s Exemption: Charles Stowell is a property owner in Island Park. He had been give the homeowners exemption in the past, it was given to him in error because he did not file state income tax in Idaho. He paid income tax for those years in Utah.

The 1996 property taxes have been paid. He did not have the homeowner’s exemption in 1998 or 1999. Stowell still owes the difference for the 1997 year. He said he lived in the home year round in 1998, moving in December of 1997, and has now taken a rural mail route so will be living and working in the county full time.

Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to trade the 1998 tax amount difference if he would have had the homeowners for the balance on the 1997 taxes and to notify the State Tax Commission that he has satisfied the three years taxes that were in question.

North Fork Club Road Maintenance: Meeting with the commissioners on the road maintenance for the North Fork Club Road to the gate were Wally Bunnell from the Forest Service, Jim Sturdevant representing the North Fork Club, and Richard Lewis representing the North Fork Cabin Owners. A proposal had been submitted by Mike Gibbons, from the association and Sturdevant and Lewis supported a suggestion that a trial one year agreement for a budget be considered for the county to furnish $4000 or 50%, for the Forest Service to furnish $2000 or 25% and the cabin owners to furnish $2000 or 25%. Most of the maintenance will be for the summer months. The cabin owners have a proposal from Dennis Kennedy to blow out the snow within the gate.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave a history of the county involvement on keeping the road open in the winter. The county had determined this spring to not keep the road open in the winter months. Reynolds suggested a parking area for vehicles accessing the cabins in the winter. The change of land ownership from the Forest Service to individuals promoted the river road agreement.

Commissioners suggest that the county could cut the snow banks down, that private contractors keep the road open, but to allow for input through the winter to see if the agreement is working. Reynolds will work with Kennedy on the roadwork for the winter. The county will work with the Forest Service on the maintenance for the summer. The cabin owners and club representatives will get an agreement on what condition they want the road to be, dust abatement or pavement or grading only. The four parties, County, Forest Service, North Fork Club and North Fork Cabin owners were in agreement.

Property Value on Sawtelle Snowmobile Building: Chris Wright, from Action Sport, has purchased the building that collapsed on Henrys Lake Flat, which had housed a snowmobile business. Also present was Realtor Norm Ellis. Wright plans on rebuilding the facility. He asked that the market value be reduced for the ’99 tax year. The Board of Equalization had allowed a reduction of the value due to the casualty loss that Wright was unaware of. Wright said that he will demolish the building, hopefully this fall. Wright is satisfied with the tax amount for 1999.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on November 08, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this twenty-fifth day of October, 1999.