County Commission Meeting Minutes
January 11, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Glenn Davis, Neal Christiansen and Frank Mackert. Also present were Commissioners-elect Frank Mackert and Glenn Davis and Clerk Mickie Funke were as also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Oath of Office: Clerk Recorder Mickie Funke administered the oath of office to the new commissioners, Frank Mackert and Glenn Davis and Coroner Paul Romrell.

Reorganize Board: Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion that Neal Christiansen be the new board chairman.

Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion that Glenn Davis become the Vice Chairman, the motion was seconded by Commissioner Neal Christiansen, a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Commission Chairman Neal Christiansen administered the oath to Assessor Ivel Burrell, Clerk Mickie Funke and Treasurer Patricia McCoy. Those officers gave a renewal oath to their staff members.

Authorizing resolution. A motion was made by Commissioner Glenn Davis to pass an authorizing resolution 99-01R that all the commissioners be allowed to sign documents on the Island Park Sewer Project. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Junior College Residency Applications: Commissioners reviewed and approved residency applications for fifteen students for College of Southern Idaho.

1999 Applicants for Beer and Beer and Liquor Licenses: Commissioners reviewed and approved the following beer and beer and liquor licenses: Three Rivers Ranch, applicant Lonnie Lee Allen for beer and liquor consumed on the premises; Sunset Lodge applicant Jerome H. Swanson for beer and liquor consumed on the premises; Fall River Bar, applicant Jill Lehmkuhl for beer and wine consumed on the premises; Trails End Lounge, applicant Julie Schuldies for beer and liquor consumed on the premises; Sportsmen’s Lodge, applicant Robert Kennedy for beer and wine consumed on the premises; Squirrel Elk Ranch, applicant Lynn and Todd Hossner for beer and wine consumed on the premises; Phillips Lodge, applicant Rick Egan for beer and liquor consumed on the premises.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Patricia McCoy presented cancellations for the tax drive totaling 34,167.59, commissioners approved as presented. McCoy reported that there are sixteen parcels delinquent that she will start the tax deeding process on. The lot owned by the county now used as a road in Island Park will be auctioned at the same time as any lots the treasurer does not get collections in on.

An account to accept court payments on credit cards was set up by the treasurer for use by the clerk. A new data entry assistant has been hired, for a full time position. A mobile home was put up for sheriff’s auction from the 1997 tax year ($72.46 plus costs), it is being stored at Angell's repair shop. Now that the trailer has been acquired, McCoy will check on the legality issues and then have the trailer home hauled off as it is in poor condition and is not salvageable.

Weed Report: Janice Stimpson was present for the appointment with the commissioners on the weed report, Dan Schofield was not present, and no report was given. Commissioners reviewed personnel issues.

Planning and Building: Planning and Zoning administrator Rodney Eastvold, assistant Karen Lords and rural addressing secretary Janet Craven met with the commissioners on the annual report. Eastvold reported that there were 388 building permits issued from their office for a construction total of $158,438,882.00. The permits compared from `97 were a 74% increase for South Fremont District, decrease of 8% for the North Fremont District and a 13% increase for the Island Park District. The six incorporated cities in the county were not included.

Social Services: Deputy clerk Mary Osborn met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care: Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion on the following claims: to deny medical claim #99-36 for other resources; to deny medical claim #99-41 for other resources; to deny medical claim #99-42 for other resources; to approve medical claim #99-30 for $26,532.67, before negotiations, a claim that the county will pay the first $10,000 and the balance will be submitted to the state catastrophic board with a repayment agreement of $10,000; to approve medical claim #99-46 for $14,010.37, a claim that may be catastrophic after negotiations are made; to approve medical claim #99-32 for $20,039.45 before negotiations, a claim that may be catastrophic; to approve medical claim #99-25 for $13,400 before negotiations. Approved claims must have signed reimbursement agreements. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Island Park Gem Community: Meeting with the commissioners were members of the Island Park Gem Community team. Present were Genevieve Prahasto, Joel Galbraith, Elizabeth Laden, Adrienne Keller, Keith White, Ray Stratford, and Janice Brown spokesman and chairman.

Brown gave an overview of the activities of the team. A five-year economic development plan for Island Park was reviewed. Also included was a one-year plan focused on the three top priorities of the community and a brochure. A survey is to be sent to property owners for demographic information. Joel Galbraith voiced environmental concerns; water quality and other issues were discussed. Jerry Woods from District 7 Health will join the sub committee. Homes not on central sewer systems will be a topic.

Genevieve Prahasto spoke about the library in Island Park. The library is now open twelve hours a week and is receiving funds from the district. Prahasto reviewed a future proposal to open a Kindergarten through third grade elementary school in Island Park. An option for a center for the community linking the school and library was discussed and proposed if the community desires.

Brown said that there were over 600 individuals declaring residency in Island Park in the 1990 census. Ray Stratford said that he was working on the city impact zone with the city and possible annexation of property to the city. The city boundaries are narrow and 32 miles long and the impact zone will need to be determined.

Brown said that they would like to mail surveys to about 3300 people who live or work within the area. They would like to mail soon and get results beginning in March. Idaho State University helped develop and may help analyze the survey.

District 7 Health Department: Jerry Woods, the environmental specialist for District 7 Health reported that he had inspected Dee Ard’s demolition landfill. The county had given a permit to Ards. Woods’ inspection sheet shows that that they were not handling the waste according to the operational plan.

Woods feels that they were not in compliance when the inspection was made in November of 1998. The permit calls for a tank to hold water for fire control. There is a tank at the site; soil barriers in the cells are needed, as is a fence on the backside. Vector control is needed; potato waste was discovered on the site and is unacceptable for blight control. Woods provided copies of letters noting problems and giving him an appeal time. Woods requested commissioners give him direction on what to do next as he feels there are potential hazards, particularly fire. Commissioners can pull the permit. Storage of tires at the site was discussed.

Fuel Management: Vern Elliot from the Stinker Station - Fuel Man Gas Cards – Fearless Faris Corporation, gave a presentation on fleet management for fuel. His firm offers credit cards that track the vehicle and driver at several stations. Billing invoices offer complete information monthly for bookkeeping. Drivers have an assigned pin number that is entered upon fueling with the odometer reading. Vehicles on the system would fuel at designated businesses, would cost a one time $2.00 per vehicle charge. Commissioners will check with department heads.

Fremont Telcom: Meeting with the commissioners from Fremont Telcom were James Bauchman, Virgil Newton and Richard Hayer. Hayer is the new engineering manager. Bauchman discussed extended service access fir the area that was implemented 11/12/98. Telcom has been working on infrastructure, bringing in fiber optics and upgrading of facilities in the area. Telcom employees 25 full time people and seasonal help as needed.

Board of Equalization for the sub roll. Commission Chairman Neal Christiansen opened the Board of Equalization for appeals. There had been no appointments made and no persons were present. Commissioners closed BOE and directed treasurer to send tax notices and clerk and assessor to finalize roll.

Nuisance Ordnance: Planning and Zoning commission chairman Jerry Funke said that the Planning Commission is encouraging the County Commissioners to create public nuisance ordnance for the future. There are ordinance in effect in other counties and Funke received permission to check into samples and present the findings back to the county commissioners. Enforcement for the ordinance would be done through the prosecutor’s office. Fremont County already has a landfill ordinance that covers some topics. Dead animals with fly problems are an example of what the ordinance might cover; District 7 Health department is not able to enforce.

Funke reviewed the sequence of developments through Planning and Zoning. One additional P&Z commission member from the Newdale, Teton area needs to be appointed, no names were submitted.

Road and Bridge: Road and Bridge Supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave a brief report on the work being done by the crews. They are hauling gravel and plowing snow as needed. One canal bridge project in conjunction with the Marysville Canal Company needs to be considered for spring repair or replacement. Work needs to be done on the headgates where wash damage is happening and the water is going under the abutment wall. Total cost to the county was reviewed, the county’s portion would be approximately $70,000 and would need to be bid. Work should be done as soon in the spring as possible. The Parker-Salem road and bridge project with the state was discussed.

Court Renovation: Judge Keith Walker and Clerk Mickie Funke presented draft plans for the renovation of the third floor in the courthouse for court use. Needs include making restrooms American with Disabilities (ADA) compliant; security, and court clerk and judge’s office and jury relocation. Roxanne Sivill, an architect from Alderson & Karst, has submitted ideas and estimates using a general contractor and labor from the workcamp. Bids may need to be advertised and considered.

Walker discussed court programs, adult and juvenile probation and the five county detention center in Rexburg. Walker is the gatekeeper judge for the facility. The state has contracted with the facility to house five juveniles under state custody and one federal juvenile. Funding was discussed.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on January 25, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this eleventh day of January, 1999.