County Commission Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2000

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Elected Officials: Attending the regularly scheduled meeting were elected officials Sheriff Terry Thompson, Assessor Ivel Burrell, Treasurer Patricia McCoy, Attorney Penny Stanford and Clerk Mickie Funke. Magistrate Judge Keith Walker also attended. Regular county business was discussed. Insurance matters were discussed. Fremont County will support a resolution for affordable Health Care Coalition concerning the high cost of health care from E.I.R.M.C. the hospital in Idaho Falls. Judge Walker is concerned about the heat in the courtroom. Attorney is writing to architect John Watson about the problems. Security for the courthouse was discussed. Walker requests the commissioners pass an ordinance prohibiting weapons and subjecting people to search if necessary.

Treasurer Patricia McCoy submitted cancellations for the month of December of $32,593.46, commissioners reviewed and approved. Clerk and Treasurer submitted a joint quarterly report for the first quarter. A summary will be published. The property deeded to the SF Education Foundation will be kept as a value on the roll but any taxes would be cancelled as requested by Val Hammond, President of the foundation.

Planning and Zoning: Planning and Zoning Administrator, Karen Lords, and developer Ray Peterson, who also represents Galen Nelson, presented the amended plat of Whispering Pine Ranches. Some of the lots were resized but the outside dimensions did not change for the entire subdivision. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to approve amended plat; Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Commissioner Neal Christiansen signed in behalf of the county.

Financial Report: Ernest Jensen, accountant from the firm of Merrill, Jensen, Poulsen and Company, CHTD. Presented the outside auditors report for the fiscal year 1999. Jensen commended the commissioners for managing the county well and keeping it solvent. Accounting practices will change in presentation in three years. Infrastructure will be reported six years after that as an asset. Jensen said the county is in good fiscal position.

Clerk, Auditor, Recorder Mickie Funke presented her office’s annual report for FY 99. Commissioners reviewed and approved both reports. Copies will be submitted as required.

Property Tax: Assessor Ivel Burrell said that Raeo Atkinson had informed her that his cabin has not been completed and Burrell said they had assessed it as being done with a market value of 19,690. The cabin was on the sub roll, OC 00230001013A, and charged a remaining tax due of $264.58. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to approve cancellation of taxes as presented. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Social Services: Commissioners met in a closed session with Deputy Clerk Debbie Adams, director of Social Services on medical claims. She provided copies of the catastrophic health care cost program for 1999. The state paid $18,209,683.66 in claims for that time frame.

Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to re-approve medical claim #99-46 which is an ongoing medical condition for $34,795.81; to approve medical claim #2000-34 for $31,021.27, a catastrophic claim, the county will pay the first $10,000 after negotiations and submit the balance to the state. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion, all commissioners voted in favor in a voice vote. Four orders for reimbursement and two catastrophic assignments were signed and one lien.

Wastewater Report: Dan Lostutter, supervisor of the wastewater systems gave a report to the commissioners. David Hunter, chairman of the advisory committee had written a letter requesting a fee raise to septic haulers who dump their loads into the system. They recommend a fee increase to $30.00 per 1000 gallons. Lostutter recommends as well. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to raise the fees to $30.00 as recommended. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Lostutter reported on the snow fluent operations. The contract with the Forest Service on the campgrounds is coming up for renewal. Lostutter said he would prefer to drop the service contract on the stations. This year they checked the systems and left a note at the FS office if there were any problems.

There is a need to amend the wastewater ordinance (98-01) according to Lostutter. Areas to be changed would be to appoint an engineering firm to give an annual cost value to the system and treatment plant. They would set a capitalization fee and future developers would buy into the system before they were allowed to hook a sub-division or phases in for individual hookups. Attorney Stanford and Willie Tuescher have reviewed. The hookup fees are currently $3,000. The study would help substantiate the fees. Tuescher said the system has approximately one-third growth for equivalent users, 833 of a total of 1265 users.

Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to proceed with an amended ordinance for the waste water systems and to schedule a public hearing on the ordinance adoption for the next meeting. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Proposal on Wastewater Sprayfield: Willard Price representing developers Rodney Payne and John Ferebauer, officers of the property owners of the Quarter Circle O, said the developers are interested in a land swap with the Forest Service for land in Fremont from their land in Bonneville County. Price met to discuss the set back requirements from Division of Environmental Quality, D.E.Q., for wastewater sprayfields from the location of a sub-division, which is a problem for the land swap. Price requested the commissioners vacate 52 acres of the current spray field area for the Island Park/Macks system, and making an application to the Forest Service to allow an area where a pivot could be installed at no cost to the county at a different location. Additional land could be requested to allow for future growth. That would allow for the landswap to develop subdivision near the area of the present sprayfield and meet DEQ requirements.

Adrienne Keller, Ranger for the Forest Service said there is sufficient land available to relocate the field. She said there would need to be an Environmental Impact Study, EIS, assessment on the land. At this point Price will take information back to the landowners to see if they are interested in proceeding. The commissioners said all expenses would be born by the developers – not the county.

Emergency Medical Services: Mary Lou Davis, coordinator for Emergency Medical Services, gave a report to the commissioners. She said the refresher course for advanced EMTs and a new advanced class is scheduled. She is looking at a new ambulance for Island Park. Piggyback or advertisement for bids for the ambulance will be explored. Property in the Island Park area, particularly around Elk Creek will be sought as a building site. Davis would like to see a new building that would house everything near the road. Commissioners agreed to start to look for property and an ambulance.

Budget Assist: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to give budget assistance to the Fremont County Search and Rescue unit for $3001.00 for a lap top computer and portable printer. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

St. Anthony Airport: Joe Thueson from the City of St. Anthony airport board discussed runway needs. Road Supervisor Weldon Reynolds discussed options and suggested a cold mix overlay. Gravel sizes and needs was discussed. The county will furnish machinery and manpower to lay the liquid and will also furnish the crush needed. Commissioners also agreed that the county will spray weeds at the airport.

Landfill and Road Report: Landfill supervisor Butch Nagle and Road supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave department reports. Reynolds requested the commissioners purchase an excavator. He will bring in specifications and proposals or advertisement for bid.

Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to revise a portion of the road minutes of August 09, 1999 concerning a road dispute. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion, a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor in a voice vote. The minutes as they had been approved state the commissioners would vacate some road easement and deed it to a property owner, Steve Jeppesen because his home is close to the line. Upon review, the property was deeded to the county and is not an easement that could be vacated. Also the canal was misnamed, the Salem-Union canal instead of the Consolidated Farmers Canal. A copy of the corrections is included in these minutes.

Juvenile Probation: Commissioner will allow education credits for Amy Whitaker, the juvenile probation office of $1200 to continue her masters degree from Walla Walla College.

Beer and Liquor License: Commissioners approved one beer and liquor license for Three Rivers Ranch applicant Lonnie Lee Allen for draft bottled or canned beer and liquor consumed on the premises.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on February 14, 2000.