County Commission Meeting Minutes
January 25, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Glenn Davis, Neal Christiansen and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Elected Officials: Meeting with the commissioners in the regularly scheduled meeting were Sheriff Terry Thompson, Assessor Ivel Burrell, Clerk Mickie Funke, Treasurer Patricia McCoy.

Court cases were discussed. Clerk Mickie Funke said that jurors who serve all day are compensated $10 plus mileage. Commissioners agree to add a per diem of $7.00 for jurors in lieu of meal or other expenses. Treasurer McCoy introduced new employee Kristina Larson who will work in data processing. McCoy filed fourteen preliminary documents on delinquent 1995 taxes that could be tax deeded if taxes are not paid.

Assessor Ivel Burrell said that the state appeal board will be here February 4th to hear three of six Board of Equalization appeals. Circuit breaker information will be sent to those that are sixty-five years old and older. Assessor feels that one vehicle needs to be replaced. Commissioners advised Assessor to check with dealers and to get three proposals. Burrell said that the plotter in the mapping room needs to be replaced, she suggested trading in the plotter on a new one. A conference call with Kurt Hibbert from East Central Idaho Planning and Development Association (ECIPDA) was held on a central mapping project.

State meetings in Boise will be held the week of February 8th, the next scheduled commissioners’ meeting. The meeting will be held on Monday morning from 9: - 10: to allow travel time and to take care of monthly bills and any necessary business. There will be no scheduled appointments this meeting.

Parks and Recreation: Tamra Cikaitoga, Park and Recreation Chairperson, gave an overview of the Park and Recreation Board and reviewed a flow chart. She submitted a contract with Fred Luthy for the golf pro contract. The contract terms are for 25%of the green fees over $10,000 and seven-month salary of $2400. The club house building is being repaired on the inside and siding was installed on the outside. Luthy has requested an intern from a turf school be able to reside in the clubhouse this summer. The Park and Recreation Board felt that the intern should not stay in the building for liability problems. Commissioners agreed with Park and Recreation Board that there would be no lodging. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to hire Fred Luthy and agree to proposed contract. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion, a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Commissioner Christiansen signed the contract.

Cikaitoga requested the snow mobile advisory committee be revamped. She submitted eight names for consideration to form a new committee. Island Park Area Representatives suggested are Gale Burns and Doug Drake, St. Anthony area Bill Davis and Chad Mackert, Ashton Area Brad Rhodes and Harold "Junior" Calonge and new this year members from the West Yellowstone area are Bill Howell and Gale Loomis. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to approved the list as submitted, Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion, and a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

The snow mobile trail-grooming program was reviewed. The groomers are furnished by the state to the county from gas tax. The county is required to pay for operating expense. Funding comes from the state, a user fee from snowmachine stickers sold by vendors and then remitted to the state, a turn around of one or more months. The county realizes 85% of the sticker sale. There is no other revenue. At this time the grooming program is operating in the red, Cikaitoga requested the commissioners allow the operation to continue with the realization that sticker funds are slow in coming because of the slow turn around from the state. Commissioners agreed to continue operation of the program. Parking areas are needed for the Fish Creek road and the reclamation road. At this time the Forest Service is not allowing additional lots on public ground.

Avalanche precautions were discussed. If an avalanche needs to be "shot" to trigger it, the county and the Forest Service can work together. A commissioner or the sheriff will determine when to take action. Someone from Grand Targhee can do the detonation or Chief Deputy Sheriff Butch Thomas. Signs, if needed, may be posted.

Brent Ricks from Island Park commented on the snow machine registration fees for out of state licensing and proposals for additional assistance to come from West Yellowstone in the form of a groomer and operator. This would place three groomers in the Island Park to West Yellowstone area and one groomer in Ashton. He said that the Montana fee is estimated at $6.00 per mile for operation. Cikaitoga estimates that Fremont’s cost per mile to be about $20.00. A fourth groomer is now in the county and will be leased by the state if the registration numbers warrant. ( One groomer per 1000 registrations.) Cikaitoga suggested starting grooming trails the week before Christmas next year. The permits for grooming trails are from December first to April first.

Jay Goldman, proprietor of Pond’s Lodge asked if the commissioners and the county is going to promote the snow mobile business. Cikaitoga said that the county and state policy is that the program is set up for the individual rider, not for businesses. Goldman asked if the businessmen have a say in the program, on how the money gets spent. Goldman feels that the county does not have the grooming people that the trail use demands. Goldman suggests that there should be a committee of people involved in the snowmobile business to see what can be done with the program. He feels that there are many complaints about the trails, they are not groomed soon and often enough; that the trail markers into Ashton are not placed. Chad Mackert suggested that some trails (brush and stumps) could be cleared by volunteer groups before the winter season to a width at least sixteen feet wide. Junior Calonge said that the Forest Service has signs and that he has not been able to get access to them. Goldman said that he would help.

Ricks and Goldman both feel that they need to be able to send their complaints into the county as businessmen rather than as individual snowmobilers. Goldman wants to help find a good solution. He feels that a committee that only is responsible for snowmobile concerns would be better and that they would be able to take concerns to the legislature. West Yellowstone has a different funding breakdown. Funding for Montana comes from gas tax, business assessments of approximately $47,000 and other revenue from the state.

Ricks requested an estimate on how much it would take to operate the fourth groomer. Calonge and Cikaitoga estimated $200 per night. Ricks feels that if the Chamber of Commerce in Island Park may be able to raise funding for the grooming program, particularly for the fourth groomer.

Social Services: Deputy clerk Mary Osborn met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care: Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion on the following claims: to deny medical claim #97-180, for prescription help, due to other resources; to deny medical claim #99-96, found not a medical necessity; to approve medical claim #99-06 for $3,604. Approved claims must have signed reimbursement agreements. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Emergency Medical Services: Mary Lou Davis, Emergency Medical Services coordinator gave a year end report to the commissioners. The total monies collected for FY 98 was $128,706.23. On December 31, 1998, the balance of the accounts receivable was $105,536.54; of that total the current accounts receivable was 32,314.60, 31-60 days was 21,269.01, 61-90 days was 4,846.55 and 91 - 120 days was 6,511.07, and over 120 40,594.41. Some of the outstanding accounts will be written off for Medicaid payments and some of the oldest accounts will be uncollectible and written off after a deter-mination is made.

She reviewed the number of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in the county and ongoing recruitment and classes. Grant applications were discussed for extrication equipment, Island Park needs an ambulance and building. Snow removal on the sidewalks for the ambulance building and extension building in St. Anthony are a problem, signs are needed for both buildings. Commissioners will see if they can contract with the workcamp.

Landfill: J.D. Ard met with the commissioners on concerns that Jerry Wood from District Seven health department has raised. Ard requested the county set out on the permit the qualifications for him to be able to take more than demolition waste. Ard is using dirt with potatoes in it for cover, has been broke down now, but the top surface will be covered again by spring. Ard covers the top regularly but the sixty-foot face is covered once a year.

Fire hazards were discussed. Ard wants permits to take farm waste, non-hazardous industrial waste and yard waste such as branches and shrubs and metal to be recycled. No household garbage will be allowed at this time. Commissioners asked Ard to get the request to enlarge the permit in writing and submit the written request at a later meeting. He is to meet with Jerry Woods. Ard wants to eventually form a regular landfill.

Outside Audit: Ernest Jensen and Marsha Olson from the firm of Casper, Merrill & Jensen, certified public accountants, gave the report on the yearly financial status for FY 98. Jensen said that the county is solvent, that it is well managed and that there are more assets than liabilities. Clerk Mickie Funke submitted the in-house auditor’s report for FY 98. Commissioner reviewed and accepted both reports.

Weeds: Dan Schofield met with the commissioners concerning the weed program. Mr. Schofield requested an executive session, which was granted for personnel issues.

Court Remodeling: Roxanne Sivill from the architect firm of Alderson & Karst presented a contract for the design of the remodeling work on the court floor. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to accept the contract as proposed Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion, all commissioners voted in favor in a voice vote. Commissioner Christiansen signed the contract for the county.

Title Companies: Meeting with the commissioners on land deed discrepancies were Assessor Ivel Burrell, Bonnie More, Karen Lords, Kaye Buster, Sherrie Jones, Debbie Davis, Barbara Hirschi from the county offices, representatives from Alliance Title Company Clarence Gummow, Kathy Nagel and Vickie Hansen and First American Title representatives Marilyn Fife and Grant Moedl. Clarence Gummow said that there are different authorities working with the document criteria for the county. The county has been sending out letters rejecting deeds. He questioned if there were personality conflicts between the offices and title companies.

Marilyn Fife said that on some property transactions, there are some problems with the legal description going to the middle of the county road rather than the right of way. When needed deeds are returned to be corrected and re-recorded. By the time it is recorded there may be encumbrances on the property. Fife said that as far as the title companies are concerned the legalese on many returned deeds is definable.

Gummow said that title insurance does not cover water and zoning laws. Some deeds have been split without permits from Planning and Zoning. Fife requested that the letter of a problem with a incorrect deed (not a lot split) go to the title companies first so they can respond before the county alerts their customers at least five days later. Concerns with surveys were voiced. Some surveys may have been recorded that are not correct which may impact deeds.

Treasurer Pat McCoy said that there are problems with closing property transactions and the payments for the property taxes to be pro rated and paid. Circuit breaker closing amounts were discussed, the title company representatives and treasurer debated on taxes before circuit breaker when pro-rated.

Assessor Burrell introduced Dennis Jones, who has contracted with the county checking plats and surveys. Jones said that there are problems with the Stonegate plats one and two. Work on the ground is correct but the physical map does not match and can be corrected administratively. Corrected plats will be filed. The recorder may sign the plat for the owners and Jones said that in this case, county attorney Penny Stanford advised for the recorder to sign but Jones will check with her again. The cost will be born by the engineer who erred. Commissioners agreed to follow advise of attorney.

Waste Water Systems: At the Island Park/Macks Waste Water System, Snowfluent work is to be tested this week. The county will schedule an open house the third week of February. The various agencies involved will tour the finished project and a separate open house will be held for the public and media.

Road and Bridge: Commissioners determined that they would pay for the motor grader that was piggy backed in full (125,000) rather than lease it from First Security as previously decided.

Junior College Application for Residency: One application for residency for tuition assistance was approved for the College of Southern Idaho.

Commissioners: Commissioners divided their some of their responsibilities. Commissioner Glenn Davis will be working with the landfill, District Seven Health Department and the Eastern Idaho State Fair Board. Commissioner Frank Mackert will be working with the weed department and the High Country Resource Conservation and Development Area (RC&D) committee. Commissioner Neal Christiansen is the commission chairman and continues to serve on boards he has been on.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on February 08, 1999 for an abbreviated meeting.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this twenty-fifth day of January 1999.