County Commission Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2000

  Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present to take minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

  Surplus Equipment: Shane Harris representing Computer Arts requested the commissioners consider trading the surplus ambulance and other computer equipment to them for computer hours and services. Attorney Penny Stanford has researched the contract and code and said that the trade would be legal. Commissioners asked Harris to give them an offer.

  Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Patricia McCoy presented cancellations for the month of January totaling $2,775.27. Landfill collections were discussed. McCoy said that she has trouble collecting fees for dumping at the landfill from businesses out of county who pay no property tax so the county cannot attach an unpaid bill to their tax notice. There were suggestions for raising the fee contractors pay for building and demolition waste and collecting the fee ahead of time.

  Teton Regional Land Trust: Mike Whitfield and Kim Goodman from the Teton Regional Land Trust discussed a project on Ashton Reservoir they are working on. They asked the commissioners for support. Goodman said that she has met with representative of the Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on “319 funds” for non-point source pollution for water quality amounting to $300,000 which would need matching funds. The soil conservation district would need to be involved on the agriculture portion of the project. The Trust wants to improve water quality, lower the nitrate level and improve land protection.

         Whitfield and Goodman said there are two landowners donating the development rights to their land for the conservation easement but that the landowners would retain ownership. The land trust is working form the dam up to the land owned by the Bureau of Reclamation and to Highway 20 and hope to work with 1,000 acres in all. Fencing, riparian buffer strips and nutrient sampling would be done by the trust if funding were awarded. Easements have no effect on property tax, which is based on land use. Commissioners want to visit with landowners before they write a letter of endorsement.

  Planning and Zoning: Planning and Zoning Administrator Karen Lords, presented a letter from the City of Teton, delivered by Karen Parker, rescinding their joint powers agreement between the city and the county. Lords said she is working on the agreement for the impact area around the city and that the city will return with an agreement for that area.

  Request for Plowing the Reclamation Road: Dennis Brower, representing landowner Bill Robinson, said that Robinson purchased property on Fall River and that his driveway is ½ mile past where the county plows on the Reclamation road. The road beyond where the county plows, is now being kept open on one side for vehicles by Jera Martindale for Pierre Freschette. The other lane is not plowed but is a groomed snow machine trail. Brower said there have been instances where snow machines have been traveling on the wrong side and have met the plow but there have been no accidents.

         Brower requests the county plow to Robinson’s driveway or beyond if a public parking lot could be implemented with a turn-a-round area. Parking has been a problem at times blocking the road. Commissioners are worried that the cost of plowing would be high and warn that the county may want additional monetary help if they did plowing in the future. The county will not plow the road this winter.

  Dates for Property Rolls: Kathy Nelson, representing the State Tax Commission, Assessor Ivel Burrell and Chief Deputy Assessor Brett Hill, went over deadlines and procedures for property rolls. There are three separate rolls: the main roll, the subsequent roll and the missed roll all have specific timelines. There are currently 16,208 parcels of property in the county. The five-year appraisal plan was discussed. Nelson suggests that more help for appraising is needed or they will not be able to stay current.

  Emergency Management: Bill Wuthrick, Emergency Management Director, met with the commissioners and gave a monthly report.

  Social Services: Deputy Clerk Debbie Adams, Social Services Director, met with the commissioners in closed session to review medical claims. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to pre-approve medical application for future treatment on claim #2000-135, an unknown figure; to approve medical claim #2000-140 for approximately $1,189.00; to approve medical claim #99-46 for $539.00, the amount not covered by the catastrophic board; to approve additional care for medical claim #2000-13, and to add it to the catastrophic claim. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Other business was one approval of rent assistance, and a reimbursement agreement order was approved and one catastrophic assignment was signed. One lean was released and four liens were approved.

  Junior College Assistance: Six applications for certificate of residency for tuition assistance for the College of Southern Idaho were reviewed and approved.

  District Seven Health Department: Representatives of District Seven Health Department gave an annual report. Present were Jerry Woods, Environmental Specialist, Deon Staker Senior Nursing/Health care, Joann Bloom, Home Health/Hospice care, and Secretary Bonnie Paredes. The report covered wells, septic installations, immunizations, home health and hospice care.

  Emergency Medical Services: Mary Lou Davis, Emergency Medical Services Director, requested the commissioners piggyback an ambulance bid from Onieda County. The ambulance would cost $90,045.00 and be purchased from Rocky Mountain Ambulance Sales and Service. The Island Park unit would use it. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to piggyback the Onieda County ambulance bid for $90,045.00. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

  Beer and Liquor Licenses: Two applications were reviewed for liquor and beer applications for 2000. Approved were one license to be transferred for liquor consumed on the premises from Sherry Owens, D.B.A. the Saddle Up Saloon to Faye and Rob Kennedy for the Sportsmen’s Lodge; an application from Rhonda Lasley for The Timber’s Edge for bottled or canned beer and wine by the drink to be consumed on the premises was also approved.

  Property Taxes: Richard and Carolyn Wallace met with the commissioners on a building that they are constructing that they had been charged taxes on for the Occupancy Roll. The parcel is OC 000140010530 A, the market value assessed is 6,142 on a cabin only. They have not occupied the building, they stay in a mobile trailer while working on it. Assessor Ivel Burrell suggested canceling the taxes assessed on the cabin in error of $54.68. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to rescind the taxes. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

  Department Reports: Reports were read from Dan Lostutter on the wastewater systems and from Weldon Reynolds on the Road and Bridge Department. Reynolds brought figures for the asphalt supply needed for the summer season. A piggyback bid could be done off of Bingham County to Idaho Asphalt Supply, Inc. Commissioners will consider.

         Lostutter submitted copies of the annual reports to DEQ for both waste water systems. The Last Chance/Ponds system is over permit in the amount of gallons pumped. A letter on the buffer zones for wastewater land application sites was reviewed from DEQ. The letter suggests the separating distance should be from 300 to 1,000 feet where applicable to residences for odor and pathogens. The county feels that the 1,000 feet buffer would be the best recommendation and may be included in ordinance amendments.

  St. Anthony South Highway Project: Jolene Robles, Clerk for the City of St. Anthony, said that the city is applying for a grant with the Idaho Local Highway Technical Assistance Council for the south highway out of St. Anthony and they would like the county to jointly apply. The total matching funds would be for 7.34% or $20,920, of which the county would commit ½ or $10,460, the city the same. H-K Contractors have estimated the project cost from the Bottlestop to the south St. Anthony exit, (5280 1.ft.) to be $285,000. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to adopt resolution #2000-01 to commit $10,460 for the South Yellowstone Highway Rehabilitation Project and to jointly apply with the City of St. Anthony for the LHTAC grant. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken with all the commissioners voting in favor.  

Public Hearing: As scheduled a public hearing was held to consider amending the wastewater ordinance. Chairman Neal Christiansen called the hearing to order. There were no members of the public in attendance. The commissioners debated the proposed ordinance amendment. They decided to table the hearing until the next meeting. They will consider adding one item – the distance between residences and the wastewater spray fields or snowfluent fields. The public hearing will resume on February 28th on the proposed amendment.

         As scheduled a public hearing was held to consider raising the fee for the dumping of septic waste at the wastewater lagoon. The raise from $10.00 to $30.00 for dumping 1,000 gallons was suggested and is supported by the sewer advisory board. Chairman Neal Christiansen called the hearing to order. Attending the hearing from the public were the owners of Parker’s Septic Systems, LaVar and Kathy Hunter and Josh Hunter. They suggested charging a minimum cost for the size of the truck rather than by the gallon. Commissioners tabled setting the fee to see what the advisory board felt about the change from the per 1,000 gallon fee to the truck size. The hearing was recessed and will be resumed on February 28th, in addition to the ordinance amendment hearing.

  Surplus Sale: Weed Supervisor Tom Thompson presented a list and digital photos of items that have been deemed surplus. He also discussed the weed program for the upcoming season. He does not want to demoss the canals under the weed department because of the liability.

           There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on February 28, 2000.

           Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this fourteenth day of February 2000.