County Commission Meeting Minutes
February 22, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen and Glenn Davis. Commissioner Frank Mackert was out of town and was excused. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Elected Officials: Meeting with the commissioners in the monthly scheduled meeting was Assessor Ivel Burrell, Treasurer Patricia McCoy, Clerk Mickie Funke, Attorney Penny Stanford, Magistrate Judge Keith Walker. County Business was discussed. Remodeling on the court floor was discussed and court issues.

The assessor and treasurer discussed the concerns of Scott Kamanchi from the last meeting. Commissioners granted the elected officers the authority to make adjustments to the tax bill as needed.

Reopening Roads in Targhee: Lynn Shirley met on the road west of the Sadorus road that is scheduled to be closed by the Forest Service. Shirley has been trying to establish the road under the RS24 77 road allowances. Commissioners agreed to accept the road as an assertion of the RS 2477 road allowances. Commissioner Davis said that he had been told the road was not in the grizzly bear habitat mapping area. Shirley requests that the county assume the portion of the Forest Service road as a public road. Commissioners will check with attorney on the road assertion.

Ashton Senior Citizen Building: Bob Keefer met with the commissioners with a recommendation that the county enlarge the roof on the back entrance on the Ashton Senior Citizen’s building due to ice build up. Keefer presented two contractor’s proposals. Commissioner Neal Christiansen will follow up with the contractors.

Property Taxes: Treasurer Pat McCoy and Assessor Ivel Burrell discussed property owned by Bill Howell, RP 5703-25, that had been returned to Howell due to a bankruptcy from Bauers who were buying the property Sally Khatchatourian and taxes are delinquent back to 1994. The commissioners feel they can work with the interest to be cancelled.

Cancellations for the month of January were $5,463.16 and were approved as submitted. The tax drive collected $4,762,703.34, for all year, the ’98 collection is 59% in.

Treasurer and Clerk presented the joint quarterly report, quarter ending Dec.31, 1998. The summary report will be published. Treasurer filed 14 delinquent tax deeds but out of those only four parcels will be tax deeded, put up for public sale. McCoy will bring in information in the future.

County vehicle needs were discussed. Assessor is looking at a new vehicle and discussed office needs; she will bring proposals and information into the commissioners in the future. GIS proposals were discussed.

A new program designed by Computer Arts for rural addressing is being installed in Planning and Building.

Social Services: Deputy clerk Mary Osborn met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion on the following claims: to approve medical claim #99-88 for $3,000 before negotiations with a reimbursement. Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

The annual welfare convention will be held in McCall March 30 & 31.

Landfill: Jerry Woods from District 7 Health Department. Woods reported that J.D. Ard had not gotten the certified letter containing a copy of the letter to the commissioners concerning Ard’s landfill. Ard cancelled his appointment requesting revisions on his landfill permit.

Woods said that site approval for a municipal landfill must be given through Division of Environment Quality. Woods feels that the economic feasibility for a municipal landfill for an individual is not good.

Weeds: Janice Stimpson, Home Economist said that there is an opening for a weed supervisor. The county employees were notified of the opening and advertisements will be made in the papers. Closing date for applications is March 5th. Stimpson will meet with the commissioners at their meeting on March 8th. On April first a meeting will be held on filling the position for the agricultural extension agent, applications are due March 9th to the University of Idaho.

Emergency Medical Services: Mary Lou Davis, Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, discussed the need for a county ordinance for ambulance coverage. The ordinance will allow the commissioners to determine/regulate who would provide ambulance coverage in the county. Commissioners will allow Davis to enroll in a grant writing class.

A letter of support has been requested from Premier Ambulance Quality Ambulance Transport to accompany their license application. Commissioners are concerned that the location of the ambulance service in Ammond and the coverage would not be advantageous for our county and will send a letter but will not support the service.

Junior College: Three applications for residency for tuition assistance for junior colleges were approved. Two were for College of Southern Idaho and one was for North Idaho College. One bill for NIC was held due to no residency application being submitted on the student.

Liquor and Beer Applications: One application was reviewed and approved for a beer license for the Yale Creek Store, applicants Phil and Marcia Eldridge for beer not consumed on the premises.

Waste Water Systems: Dan Lostutter submitted A written wastewater report. The Snowfluent system is operational and approximately 150 people attended the open house. The annual report for both systems has been submitted to Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Emergency Management: Bill Wuthrick director of Emergency Services gave a report to the commissioners on precipitation levels (now 98%). Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) needs to be reactivated. The ice flow and jam in December on the Ashton Reservoir was discussed and documentation needed for claims. Wuthrick will be attending the annual conference in Boise in March. Commissioners are concerned about the proposed decrease of reimbursement funds from the state (SL-5) for the Emergency Management Operation.

Road and Bridge: Weldon Reynolds, Road Supervisor, reviewed the policy with the schools on road conditions after blizzards. He contacts the schools by 5: a.m. to let them know what they can accommodate on opening the roads. Reynolds said that the St. Anthony crew could use a part time position year round.

Equipment needs were discussed. A grader is needed, a rebuilt unit is about $95,000, a trade in is about $45,000. A new unit on the state bid is $153,000 a CAT, with full snow equipment. Two glider kits are being assembled and when the trucks are complete they will be able to pull pup trailers.

Reynolds discussed upcoming plans, snow removal has occupied the crews but they will haul gravel in the West when available. The road-work in Island Park will be done in conjunction with the state redoing roads and allowing the county to take the asphalt millings to lay on county roads. The Boot Jack road would be the first road to be paved with the millings.

Interim National Road Policy: Adrienne Keller, Targhee National Forest Service Ranger, reviewed the National Road Policy. Targhee National Forest will be exempt from the rule because of the revised forest plan now under administrative appeal. Keller provided the commissioners with the new release from the USDA Forest Service out of Washington, D.C. Keller will meet with Harry Barker on the contract between the Forest Service and the county on the campgrounds.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on March 08, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this twenty-second day of February 1999.