County Commission

Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2004

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Bill Forbush, Donald Trupp and John Hess.

Elected Officials: Meeting with the commissioners on the regularly scheduled monthly meeting were the elected officials Treasurer Patricia McCoy, Sheriff Tom Stegelmeier, Assessor Ivel Burrell, Attorney Trent Grant, Clerk Abbie Mace and Suzanne L Bagley.

Sheriff Stegelmeier reported to commissioners that the generator in the Sheriff’s Office does not have the capacity it needs to run the jail, and would like commissioners to consider the purchase of a generator that would have more power.

Sheriff Stegelmeier stated that there are currently 23 inmates being housed in the jail.

Attorney Trent Grant presented a bid for a new copier machine from Yost Office Systems for a $4,495.00 or a lease payment of $89.00 per month. Commissioners Hess made a motion to go ahead with the lease on the copier.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of having Pat Smith do some work on the side for City Attorney Penny Stanford. Commissioners agreed that it would be wise to separate the situation for now.

Clerk Abbie Mace commented on the gravel pit, that Fremont County resident Matt Davis is interested in having reverted back to the Davis Family. Commissioner Trupp made a motion to deny Mr. Davis’s request at this time due to the fact that there is still useable gravel within the pit.

Commissioner Hess made a motion to approve one Jr. College application that qualifies.

Commissioner Hess made a motion to recommend the appointment of Larry Singleton to the Fremont County District #5 Animal Control Board.

Technology Inc. a Utah based Company has a pay scale that can be downloaded off the internet. There is a $350.00 annual fee, and other services are available. Commissioners would like to have a little more information. Commissioners gave permission to buy into the $350.00 net.

Dan Lostutter Island Park Sewer came before the commissioners to discuss the Mack’s Inn land application renewal. Dan Lostutter and Harry Barker have asked commissioners to consider Forsgren Associates to write the renewal application. Commissioner Hess made a motion to retain Forsgren Associates to prepare the Mack’s Inn Land application permit.

Brent Crowther from Forsgren Associates presented commissioners with a preliminary design report for the Fremont County Last Chance Line extension LID project.

David Schiess from Schiess & Associates came before the commissioners to discuss the Last Chance Sewer LID. David Schiess presented commissioners with change order number 6 for the amount of $ 9,290.80 and change order number 7 for $13,000.00. Commissioner Hess made a motion to approve change orders number 6 & 7.

Tamra Cikaitoga from Parks and Recreation asked to meet with commissioners in Executive Session for the purpose of a possible land acquisition.

Mike Whitfield, Babbette Thorpe, and Kim Goodman from the Teton Regional Land Trust came before the commissioners to introduce themselves, and give an update on what they do. Teton Regional currently serves six counties within the region.

Debbie Adams Welfare Director asked to meet with commissioners in executive session.

Board of Equalization

February 23, 2004

Commissioner Bill Forbush opened the Board of Equalization

Commissioner Forbush closed the Board of Equalization.

Weldon Reynolds Road & Bridge Supervisor came before the commissioners to discuss the old 21 Cat crawler that is a 1952 model. Commissioner Trupp made a motion to lease purchase a Cat D6 R tractor in the amount of $239,850.00 for a five year lease on a piggy back bid from the State from western States Equipment.

Karen Lords and Bonnie Moore came before the commissioners representing the GIS policy committee. The GIS policy Committee is interested in Ariel photography. Commissioner Trupp made a motion to have the GIS policy committee pursue this further.

Mary Lou Davis EMS Director came before the commissioners to discuss a planned disaster within Fremont County in March 24, 2004. More details will be available at a later date.

Mr. Keith Christensen from Christensen Fire Extinguisher Co. came before the commissioners to ask that they be given the contract to service the fire extinguishers for Fremont County as in the past. Mr. Christensen left a quote of his company’s prices, and the commissioners will review this further.

Dana Miller from the Extension Office came before the commissioners to ask that they be given permission to have a first aid kit in the extension office. Commissioners advised Dana Miller to contact Zee Medical in order to have one. Dana Miller also asked commissioners if it would be possible to order a water dispenser. Commissioner Hess made a motion to allow Dana Miller to purchase a First Aid kit, and a water dispenser. Dana Miller asked on behalf of Dave Rydalch if April 23-24 be set aside for the County Surplus sale. Commissioners agreed with these dates.

Bill Wuthrick Emergency Services came before the commissioners to give the Emergency Management Report. Bill Wuthrick got five computers from the highway department donated for the EMS, the Fire Mitigation, RC& D, and any other entity that may benefit from them.

There being no further business to come before this Board the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on March 8, 2004.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this twenty third day of February.