County Commission Meeting Minutes
March 22, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Frank Mackert and Glenn Davis. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Elected Official: Elected Officials met to discuss county business. Magistrate Judge Keith Walker discussed the Tracker Program for juveniles. New handrails have been installed on the outside front steps and the inside steps. Three proposals were submitted and Commissioner Christiansen had Manufab do the railings for $2023.00. Ghormley Manufacturer and Bill Wilson supplied other proposals. Assessor Ivel Burrell said that she is looking at a used van but has made no decisions. Rod Chandler representing the Chandler Agency went over insurance including driver lists, equipment lists and values, and buildings – values and content.

Landfill and Road and Bridge Equipment Needs: Landfill Supervisor Butch Nagle and road and bridge mechanic Scott Briggs and road and bridge foreman met on equipment needs. The two backhoes at the landfills have been used for three years. They are now out of warranty and they can be returned on the turnaround contract with Case. Briggs suggests going up one model size to lift more weight. Recommendations are to take the Case bid of an estimated $21,000 difference on each backhoe plus the trade in. Commissioners want to look at proposals from Scotts for a John Deere, from Arnolds for Jay C Bee, from Western States for Cat and from Pioneer for Case. They will bring proposals into the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Pat McCoy presented the cancellations for the month of February of $3,022.55. Commissioners accepted cancellations as presented.

Planning and Zoning: Requesting final approval on the Arrowwood development agreement were Chuck Homer and Mitch Jacobs. Also present were Penny Stanford attorney and Rodney Eastvold. Stanford asked for agreement and clarification that even if the subdivision is accepted, the county will not maintain the roads. Homer and Jacobs agreed. The development agreement was reviewed. Triple Creek Ranches is the developer. The development is requested to be more than a two-year period of time to allow for three phases in addition to the first the Arrowwood subdivision, old phase one and two. Phase 1 and 2 are the "North Ranch" and phase 3 will be the "South Ranch". The developer is responsible for the utilities and the roads. No lots could be sold until the final plat has been made and accepted. Both Eastvold and Stanford are recommending the county accept the development agreement. Commissioners and Jacobs signed agreement that was attested and notarized.

Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to go into executive session on a personnel issue, Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion, and a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Commissioners went into executive session at 10:15 a.m. until 12:15.

Social Services: Deputy Clerk Mary Osborn met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion on the following claims: to deny medical claim #99-42 for other resources; to deny medical claim #99-138 for an incomplete application; to approve medical claim # 99-158 for $3070.00; and to approve medical claim #99-118 for an estimated $8,112.57 before negotiations; to approve prescription help for medical claim #96-351 for an estimated six months for an average of $110.00 per month. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Henrys Lake Foundation: Jeannie Fullen secretary – treasurer of the Henrys Lake Foundation made a presentation on the lake that was formed for irrigation water storage. The presentation included the history and purpose of the foundation. She lodged complaints on the use of jet skis/personal watercraft eroding the banks, noise, and near accidents. Fullen cited the pollution possibility from emissions to be carried downstream affecting fisheries.

Vada Roberts, the South Henrys Lake Outlet homeowner’s association president supports law enforcement and safety information of the state laws that are in effect. The narrow waterways law and watercraft is in effect according to Roberts. She has met with Butch Thomas, chief deputy sheriff on the enforcement, sheriff has applied for a grant for an additional patrol boat.

Tamra Cikaitoga discussed a local ordinance on some waterways with a limited use of motorized watercraft. Cikaitoga suggested to the commissioners that if there be a change or an ordinance made that a public hearing and input be allowed. Cikaitoga discussed the ownership of the watercraft, if they belong to the homeowners or are being brought in. Also the potential increased use of personal watercraft on the Island Park reservoir.

Fullen requested a public meeting to accept comment and input. The meeting will be scheduled in the summer when the homeowners are in the area and available to attend, tentative Thursday, July 1, 1999. A location will be secured and a time will be set. The meeting will be advertised in advance.

Weed Supervisor Position: Home Economist Janice Stimpson and former weed supervisor Gary Hansen gave a recommendation for the weed supervisor position to be offered to Tom Thompson. Commissioners accept recommendation and will offer the position to Thompson.

Hansen presented a contract proposal from the State Department of Transportation to spray the state highway right of ways on Highways 32,47,87 and 20. The county would furnish chemical labor and equipment and the state would pay $9,712.50. The county’s cost per hour is figured on $30.00 for one man and a truck and an additional man for $9.00 .

Emergency Management: Bill Wuthrick Director for Emergency Management supplied copies of the role of elected officials during disasters. The commissioners signed the emergency plan. Wuthrick had attended a meeting in Boise and gave a short report on the conference. Local Emergency Planning Commission, LEPC, needs to be redone. Wuthrick will have someone from the state come in May to provide information.

Wuthrick presented two proposals for generators for the relay station. He will hold the proposals for the future.

The propane generator will cost an estimated $13,000. The county would furnish a propane tank for a fuel source. Commissioners authorized purchase of sandbags to be stockpiled at Ashton, St. Anthony and Island Park road and bridge shops. Commissioner Glenn Davis will be the contact for the emergency management office.

Emergency Medical Services: Mary Lou Davis, Emergency Medical Services coordinator alerted the commissioners that the roof on the St. Anthony ambulance building is leaking and there is ceiling damage in one garage. She had contacted one contractor and the work camp about repair estimates. Roger Thompson gave a proposal and it will be held while waiting for other proposals. Davis said that the north garage door should be enlarged height wise to allow for the sand rail trailer to be parked in the garage when loaded.

Rails to Trails: Kip Martindale, a landowner in Lamont met concerning the request from the State Department of Parks and Recreation on the use of the county road right of way for the trail. Martindale is in opposition to the request. Commissioners reviewed the map with the new proposed route. Commissioners determined that the trail would not go along county right of way due to the condition of the roads and the liability.

Plat: Assessor Ivel Burrell, Mapping director Bonnie Moore and Planning and Zoning Administer Rodney Eastvold met on the new rule to have plats and surveys checked by a certified surveyor. Some recorded plats have been found with errors. In those cases, Denny Jones will submit the bill to the county for the check work.

Virgil Mickelsen, Lillis Mickelsen, Linda Bidwell, Gary D. Bidwell, Carol Murri and Roger F. Murri were present on a complaint. Virgil Mickelsen read a letter that concerned a prior meeting concerning problems with a subdivision ruling and the Planning and Zoning Department and the Building Department and the petition that had been presented to the commissioners.

Roads: Commissioner Glenn Davis and Road Supervisor Weldon Reynolds had worked with Lane Price concerning the ownership and maintenance of the road to his home. The road led to a county gravel pit that was later deeded back to Prices. The road had been used for a public road and continues to be used. The county road crew plows the road to the oiled section and may plow or grade the graveled portion to Mr. Lane Prices on occasion. Commissioners agreed to maintain the road on a low priority basis.

Meeting with the commissioners were Mike Birch, Blair Calaway, Harold Harris, Boyd Price and J.T. Beech on a right of way concern between property owners Birch, Price and Beech. Mr. Beech had researched the roadway through commissioner’s minutes from 1934 and deeds to the county. The road was a public road until it was fenced across in 1996 by Mike Birch. At one time the right of way was fenced on both sides. The county has a right of way. Beech has offered to put in the fence but not to maintain it. Beech says that he wants to get this worked out and to be good friends and neighbors. Birch does not want to maintain the fence later.

The bridge was replaced in 1982 on the Consolidated Canal by private landowners. Mike Birch assumed the county had given up right to the road. Attorney Penny Stanford said that she was unaware of the county holding public hearings and give up and deed the road. Birch says that he does not want to remove the fence and needs it to keep animals in and people out.

The landowners tried to negotiate between them on the fence and gate. Commissioner Neal Christiansen said that the county has outlawed gates on county roads but would consider cattle guards. The Commissioners would like to have the gate removed and want to have cattle fenced in if cattle are brought in. Birch wants to research and possibly seek legal counsel.

Road Supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave a report. He discussed patching needs and would like to purchase a one ton vehicle with a small 8’ dump bed to haul the patching materials. He would like a crew cab to make room for the crew. Bauers Motor has a used vehicle that would be adequate. Commissioners authorized the used vehicle purchase for 1991 Chevy. 1 ton crew cab with dual rear tires, 454 V8 engine, automatic transmission with 44097 miles for $12,800. With out bed, cab and chassis. Discussion was had on leasing equipment vs. purchasing equipment on the cost factor.

Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to piggyback the Bingham County bid with Idaho Asphalt as was presented. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion, a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Waste Water Report: A written report was given on the waste water system as presented by Dan Lostutter and Harry Barker. They have shut down the Snowfluent system for the season and estimated that there were 2,502,000 gallons pumped through the system. The county is working with the Forest Service on the campground lift

stations .

The public restroom located at Macks Inn needs to be cleaned for the summer season. It has been done by county personnel and their time is limited. The cleaning may need to be contracted out for the summer months. An advertisement to contract the cleaning will be done.

Beer and Liquor Licenses: One beer license was reviewed and approved for Aspen Lodge, applicant Brent and Lori Ricks for bottled or canned beer and wine by the drink to be consumed on the premises.

Junior College Applications: Three applications for tuition assistance were reviewed and approved for the College of Southern Idaho.

Contracts: Contracts approved for Chamberlain, Sturm Electric for repair work at the Ashton Senior Citizen building. Imaging upgrades from Integra for the recording system was approved for the clerk.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on April 12, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this twenty-second day of March 1999.