County Commission Meeting Minutes
March 8, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen and Glenn Davis. Commissioner Frank Mackert was out of town and was excused. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Contracts: Sheriff Terry Thompson presented a Bureau of Reclamation proposal to give the county $20,000 per year to provide services at the sand dunes and other federal BLM grounds. The attorney is looking at the contract. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to accept and support the contract as presented. Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion, a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Commissioner Glenn Davis discussed the road past the St. Anthony landfill; a gate and double cattle guard could be installed.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Patricia McCoy discussed cancellations for the month of February, exact figurers will be given later. A trailer taken for taxes, stored at Angells Trailer Repair needs a title in the county’s name, there may be an interested buyer.

One property in Sawtelle Subdivision is a bare lot but has been picked up in error for improvements, the county will need to make refunds from the landfill and sewer system special fees for charges made and collected. Three properties will be picked up for taxes out of the fourteen. One property is in Chester, a commercial property in St. Anthony, and one lot in Island Park. Commissioners agreed to sale of the properties plus the lot used for a roadway that was deeded some time ago.

Snow Fluent: Forsgren Associates Engineer Willie Tuescher gave a report on the Island Park/Macks sewer upgrade Snowfluent project. The system is operating and there has been good press from several media on the system. Effluent samples have been tested and are showing fewer bacteria than other systems and are within acceptable levels for the state. The change order for $7,400 was reviewed and approved.

Commissioner Glenn Davis made the motion to approve the change order and close out the project. Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion, a voice vote was taken with both commissioners voting in favor. The change order is to install a water line to the building for a wash basin and a drain line and the relocation of the transformer to service electricity to both buildings, a concrete splash pad to use when draining and the hours to keep the road open during the last of construction, testing and the open house. Tuescher summarized the completion of the project .

Island Park Economic Development: Tonja Ellis representing the Island Park chamber of Commerce requested computer access for property owners names to create a list to dispense information and make contacts. The Idaho Public Records law on giving out lists was discussed. Ellis requested information as a Realtor on the fees charged to a property at the time of the sale; landfill, sewer charges and any other special fee. She will work with the treasurer on the fees at the time of the sale.

Emergency Management: Bill Wuthrick, Emergency Management Director gave the commissioners an update on the protocol and manual for the Emergency Operations Plan. A generator for the repeater on Ashton Hill was discussed. Other towers and sites were discussed. Commissioners directed Wuthrick to get proposals for a generator.

St. Anthony Green Belt: Charlie Sperry of Henry’s Fork Foundation and Sally Sheridan representing the National Park Service gave an update on the green belt project for the area around the City of St. Anthony. Maps of the Greenway were reviewed detailing phase one, approximately one mile of trail to be worked on this summer in the location of the south Parker road and the Riverview Cemetery. The committee is working with private landowners to complete phase one.

The conceptual plan would be from the Fun Farm Bridge to the Salem Parker Highway along the river. Cooperation with landowners is a priority. The trail will have planned interpretive viewpoints, bridge crossings and parking areas. The city of St. Anthony will provide in-kind services, most of phase one property is city property. Commissioners asked the cost of the project to the county. Tamra Cikaitoga, Park and Recreation Chairman commented that most of the county’s project is self-generated and that budget needs would need to be addressed. Of phase one, the county’s portion will be along the Parker highway. Funding sources for the future will be sought.

Charlie Sperry said that the Fish and Game Department had contacted him about improving the access bridge at the Vernon Bridge. Fish and Game will put in a concrete pad to replace the dirt boat ramp. Recording information shows land documents being Lynn Loosli a private landowner. Sperry requests the commissioners to follow the upgrade further with the Fish and Game and the landowner.

Sperry requests the commissioners consider an access stamp for user fees to help generate revenue. Sperry has talked to outfitters who would be willing to contribute to the upgrading and upkeep of sites for launches. Cikaitoga is not in favor of the stamp but would like to look into a statewide fund and supports the outfitters helping with revenue. She feels that the parking may be an issue if it blocks the field access. Parking concerns were discussed, Sperry felt that most of the year the parking would not be an issue. Commissioners will look at the site in the spring.

Social Services: Deputy Clerk Mary Osborn met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion on the following claims: to approve an agreement on a lien due to change of mortgage by land owner for medical claim #99-88. The lien amount will not change. Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Property Taxes: Beverly Parks met with the commissioners on the property taxes (MH 14N43E2439oX A) on a trailer in Island Park that was caved in by snow in February. Assessor Ivel Burrell and Appraiser Brett Hill were present. Parks feels that she should not be responsible for the taxes on the trailer for 1998 of $103.10, which includes the landfill fee, but agrees to pay on the lot. Commissioners have determined to pro rate the tax for 46 days and cancel the balance, but to leave the landfill fee of $60.00 on.

Groundwater Project: Nitrate sites of concern in Fremont County were discussed. Deb Parliman a federal hydrologist from the U.S. Water Resources Division made a presentation. Parliman worked with Division of Environmental Quality on the nitrate problem in Ashton. A chart of the nitrate levels in the Ashton wells was reviewed. Nitrates began to be high in 1990 and often exceeded the safe drinking level of 10mg. High Nitrate levels in an area are indicators

Water samples were collected in the spring and fall and tested for the origin of nitrates. Isotope studies show a mixture of animal and plant nitrates. There was a distinct difference between the farm and inhabited areas showing highest to the forested areas that were low levels. The city of Drummond has high nitrate levels in their drinking water. There are nitrate concentrated areas in the Drummond – Squirrel Ashton areas, north of St. Anthony and in the Hibbert area. At the present, Fall River watershed has the highest number of nitrate problems and the deeper wells show higher nitrate levels.

Parliman will do a proposed basin wide water study. Objective of the study is to find where the water yielding zones are located and to get an overview of what is there. The entire study will cost $37,000; funds will come from a grant and match funding of $9,000 DEQ, $2,500 from the Henrys fork foundation. An additional $7,000 is needed to study the rest of Fremont and Madison County, the lower Henry’s Fork area where needs are concerned. The commissioners will contribute $2,000 to the study.

State Parks and Recreation: Jim Poulsen and Gene Eyraud from the State Parks and Recreation Department met to review the "Rails to Trails" proposed project. The railroad from Ashton to Teton was abandoned in ’88 and rail banked for other transportation by obtaining a grant. The state held public meetings on using the rail bed, did title searches and found tracts that reverted to adjacent landowners but the rest of the rail bed was purchased for trail development from the railroad.

The landowners along the reversionary lands have not been able to come to a working agreement with the state. Chuck Boyd from the Transportation Department said that his department is allowing the trail to follow some state right or way next to highway 32. The county roadway would also be used in the proposal.

The tail will not be developed for snowmobiles but a groomed trail could be maintained to the south and north of the rails to trials route. The county is requested to allow a right of way for the trail along the county road to bypass the private landowners. State Park and Recreation will construct parking lots and restrooms on their property for use in summer. This will become a linear state park. Commissioners will review the map and trail as proposed and determine the county’s position.

Weed Supervisor Position: Home Economist Janice Stimpson and Gary Hansen met on applications for the weed position. Six applications were reviewed. Interviews will be conducted and a recommendation brought to the next meeting. The position would start about the first of April and training and testing and be expected to go through equipment before beginning to spray mid May

Stimpson said that a new agricultural agent would be hired this spring. There are applications submitted to the University of Idaho that will be reviewed.

Fremont County, as been awarded $8,000 from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for mapping the Henry’s Fork Weed Management Area. The funds will be matched by $8,000 from agencies within the area. Fremont County will pay $750 for their share the commissioners agreed to cost share. Hansen will go to a three-day school for the mapping program.

Road and Bridge Report: Road and Bridge Supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave a report on road conditions and operations. Two accidents have occurred this month involving county equipment.

The asphalt bid from Bingham County was reviewed. The commissioners have piggy backed the bid in the past from Idaho Asphalt. The bid prices were: MC-250 165 tons $188.20, MC-800 100 Tons $181.20/ton with a distributor service of $15.00/ton or$110.00/hour.

Recycled asphalt millings in Island Park will be available from the state as they resurface Highway 20. The county will stockpile the millings and lay the millings on county roads.

The Parker-Salem Bridge is scheduled for FY99. Riprap is being placed on the Teton River as needed and working with the Army Corp of Engineers.

Septic Dump: LaVar Hunter from Parker’s septic service told the commissioners that the septic waste operators want to put a mechanical plant at the City f St. Anthony’s lagoon that we the moisture out of the sludge and may be able to be used for cover at the landfill with a mixture of diatimatious earth. Hunter is working with Jerry Woods from District 7 Health Department.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on March 22, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this eighth day of March 1999.