County Commission Meeting Minutes
April 12, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Insurance Claim: The county exposure on insurance was reviewed.

Chambers of Commerce: Three area chamber of commerce, Ashton, St. Anthony and Island Park are working together for economic development with a first year planning grant of $5,000 followed by an implementation grant of $20,000 from the Forest Service. The grant is to help find solutions to replace income lost due to Forest Service Actions and it must have a match; the cities and chambers have committed to financial support.

Representatives present from the Ashton Chamber were Jake Jacobs, Kathy Huntsman and Harold Lenz. Jacobs was the spokesman. The Fremont County Gem Team Project will be a combined effort from each area. Two team members from each area chamber will work together to draw businesses into the county and to retain the current businesses. They would hire a part time Economic Development Director to coordinate and make goals and objectives and work on a five-year plan by June 2000.

A request was made to the county to support the project with a budget amount of $3,400. A motion was made by Commissioner Glenn Davis to comply with the request and budget for the amount in the next fiscal year. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Subdivision Concerns: Assessor Ivel Burrell, Planning and Zoning Administrator, Rodney Eastvold, and Bonnie Moore from the mapping department discussed a lot sale on Webster’s Henry’s Lake Ranch Cabin Sites that was sold by Lewis Webster to Shooks. The lot was sold under meets and bounds rather than by a lot description. The property was deemed as a common area for the sub division and the assessor feels that the property should not have been sold. Alliance Title Company issued title insurance. The county has issued a building permit to Shooks.

The county has been requested to provide quiet title to Shooks for the roadway property. Eastvold, Burrell and Moore said that the county engineer that is contracted to review plats and surveys, Denny Jones, is in agreement with them and that the plat is clear that there is public access and that the county is not involved. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion that the commissioners will accept the plat as recorded with the common area and to not make any amendments to it. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Discussion on the Mack’s summer home site was had on a roadway that has developed that was not plated. The county has had a request to quick claim the county interest. The assessor advises that there is no interest. The assessor and administrator and mapping department have checked with the engineer on this as well and recommend no changes. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to leave the plat as recorded, Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion, a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Assessor’s Report: Assessor Ivel Burrell said that her department is working with the State Tax Commission on the newly developed form for the valuation statements. The new form will include information on charges estimated for the new year on the valuation from past tax year’s levy but no special fees such as landfill, wastewater O&M. The new form will be used in Fremont County this year.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Patricia McCoy discussed county credit cards. Cancellations for the month of March was $1223.88, which includes penalty and interest. Landfill bills being filled out correctly was discussed. The joint quarterly report was submitted to the commissioners from the treasurer and the clerk. A summary will be published.

Landfill: District Seven Sanitation specialist Jerry Woods discussed federal sub-title D rules for landfills that will change. The county may need to plan to haul household waste to a larger landfill approved by DEQ. Groundwater monitoring well needs were discussed. Fremont County has two landfills that are receiving less than twenty tons of household waste per day and are therefore exempt and not required to monitor at this time. Woods and the county also work with Division of Environmental Quality, DEQ. Woods estimates that there are about 15 tons per day average in the St. Anthony landfill with the construction demolition separated from the municipal waste.

Woods said that there would be at least two years before the county would need to consider changes. If the county was to haul to another landfill, a transfer station could be located at the present site or a different one. Waste could be recycled such as cardboard, glass, plastic and newspaper

Incineration of waste was discussed. Woods said that there have been no counties in Idaho that have found incineration to be cost effective. There would be concerns with air quality and with the ash left which may be considered to be hazardous waste and need to be shipped to Mountain Home.

Davis Gravel Pit: Ralph Davis discussed the Davis gravel pit that the county owns. Ralph Davis discussed the ditch that accesses his property through the pit and was changed by the county due to gravel removal. Stock has been grazing the ditch bank on the ditch levee causing the sides to sluff in. Davis requests the county clean the ditch with a backhoe. Davis suggests that he would be able to operate the equipment. Road Supervisor Weldon Reynolds suggested that the county use a different county employee to avoid the appearance of conflict.

There is a narrow neck access along the ditch that in the past could be driven by a vehicle and now needs repair. Reynolds agrees that the ditch and levee need work. Davis said that he would allow the canal company to spill water from his ditch, even year round into the pit. Commissioners agreed to allow road and bridge to do the repairs as requested.

Road Report: Road and Bridge Supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave a report on the work being done and what is needed and planned. Cold patch mix is being applied for road breakup. The road crews are laying snow banks back and plowing when needed due to spring storms. Wet land mapping and the need for inventory were discussed. Reynolds sought quotes on the purchase of a water tank for a dump truck. A vendor in Oregon quoted $18,000 for the tank and all hoses. It would go on an existing truck. The sides of roads being prepared for oiling could be cleaned with water pressure rather man-powered brooms. Commissioners agreed to purchase if budget is sufficient. Commissioner Davis suggested looking at leasing the equipment needed.

Printer: Commissioners and clerk reviewed a proposal for a network printer. Two proposals were submitted from Computer Arts. Commissioners agreed to purchase a HP 8000DN laser printer for $3,324.51.

Social Services: Deputy clerk Mary Osborn met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion on the following claims: to deny medical claim #99-123 for incomplete application and other resources; to deny medical claim #99-161 for a withdrawn application; to deny medical claim #99-166 for a withdrawn application; to approve medical claim #99-102 for $5268.68 with a reimbursement agreement. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Salem Bridge and Road Project: Road and Bridge Foreman Weldon Reynolds and Dick Dyer, Forsgren civil engineer on the project gave a report on the Salem bridge and road project. The project is a joint state and county venture. Dyer expects the bridge and the highway will be done the summer of 2000. Commissioners want the bridge replaced and the highway redone to be open for harvest that year.

Right of way and wet lands are still being worked on. Dyer has been working with the Army Corp of Engineers on the wet lands. Nearly two acres needs to be purchased this year for right of way, federal funds will pay 92%. The state program, the local roads project has had several new coordinators that have slowed the project. Dyer said that the county would need to consult with the attorney and follow the federal guidelines or that their engineering firm would work with the commissioners. There is a private property owner along the road route that would work with the commissioners on a site for the wet lands and a material source.

Commissioners agreed to let the engineers’ work to negotiate and help obtain the right of way and allow for the purchase. Commissioner Frank Mackert said he would work with the engineers and the property owners involved. Dyer said he would work with the attorney by providing the documents and appraisals. There will be twenty-three contacts to make on the right of way. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to contact the property owner with materials to mine and to provide wetlands for the Salem project. Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Dyer will work on a support letter to the state on the project from the county.

Dyer discussed wet land mitigation. He and Reynolds had observed county property that could be made into wetlands, the Davis gravel pit and the Black Springs area. Dyer suggests that the county work to get the wet land inventory completed and approved with the Army Corp. Dyer said his firm would be available to help support the effort with professional assistance. Dyer is to get an estimate from firms for the inventory of wetlands on all county property.

Parks and Recreation: Park and Recreation Chairman Tamra Cikaitoga gave a monthly report. The grooming program is complete other than repairs and maintenance. There may be a fourth or a new groomer next year. At least one additional grooming operator will be needed. The Memorandum Of Understanding, MOU, agreement with the Forest Service is being negotiated. Night only grooming will be in the contract. The Idaho sticker will need to be purchased for $21.50 and displayed on snowmachines: rental and out of state owners and all Idaho residents beginning July first. The county, the state park and recreation and the forest service will do enforcement of the stickers. The county may get a one-year advance from the state, perhaps $85,000, but would not receive additional sticker remittance. A trailer to haul the groomer is needed and will be purchased this summer if funds and budget are available.

A hearing to take comments, oral and written, on the request to pass an ordinance to ban personal watercraft on Henrys Lake will be held on July first at the Ashton community center at 7: p.m. with written comments accepted until July 8.

Sheriff Thompson feels that there will be grants for two boats, one this year and one next for patrol in Island Park. The first boat will replace the boat on Island Park Reservoir and the second boat would be a different type boat for Henrys Lake. The county would match the grant with $10,000 from the waterways account that is funded by sticker remittances. Cikaitoga will let all the congressional people know of the hearing and the need for the grant for the boats.

The new golf pro, Fred Luthy was introduced. He has signed a three-year contract with the county. Repairs on the clubhouse are being completed. A surplus vehicle is needed, a pickup to haul things. The septic system and water system are being repaired. Cikaitoga will have a crew from the work camp help clean the outside and haul garbage out. A green fee schedule was submitted.

Docks were discussed. One new string of docks was purchased. Bill Hathaway will be contracted this year again on the maintenance of the docks beginning May 15.

The fishing bridge that was damaged by the ice flows on Ashton Reservoir was discussed. Liability and replacement of the old bridge were discussed. There are piers and bridge spans in the water. Buoys will be used to mark the area for hazards. Responsibility may be Pacific Corp, for Utah Power and Light.

Year Two Thousand Concerns: Lisa Turner, the Roll Clerk said that she has proposals for Y2K updates from Computer Arts. There will be some updates that we will need to purchase. Cost is estimated at $5,200 for testing and switch, hardware and power source and other upgrades. Commissioners agree to purchase of computer equipment as recommended. A letter addressing the county’s Y2K preparation, signed by the commission chairman, will be placed on the web site as well as being available.

Oil and lubricants and filters: Robert Moyer representing Bonneville County Implement gave the commissioners a proposal for supplying oil, lubricant needs and filter needs, etc. Commissioners will review.

Equipment Needs: The commissioners reviewed proposals for backhoes. Three proposals were accepted as follows: Scott Machinery, trade in for a 3-01 E for $22,100 difference per machines. Cat 416C trade in value is $29,500 for model or, Case would trade for a difference of $25,762. Commissioners will review proposals and determine if specifications were met. A formal bid will need to be advertised if the proposals are more than $25,000. (Specifications on the low bid were not met)

Emergency Medical Services: Mary Lou Davis, Emergency Medical Coordinator gave a report concerning the fee structure on the ambulances. She is recommending the commissioners charge a base fee for in county residents of $450, out of county fee of $500, both plus mileage fee of $4.00 per loaded mile and not to charge for equipment because of not getting reimbursed for medical supplies and equipment from some insurance companies. Attorney Penny Stanford had reviewed Idaho Code and agreed that a fee may be charged as requested. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to support the fee change as recommended. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

A grant has been awarded for extrication equipment for $9658.00 from Basic American Foods for the St. Anthony ambulance unit.

Reviewed repair proposals for the building at St. Anthony for a new roof and ceiling repair and larger garage door. Proposals were received from Scott Murdoch - $7,000 or $8,117 (included asphalt removal) roof and $2,200 for the ceiling and garage door and Roger Thompson for $7,176 for roof and $3,880 for ceiling and garage door. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to award the project to Fall River Construction, Scott Murdoch for a project cost of $10,317, there will be no asphalt removal but a heavier gauge steel and new felt are included. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Eastern Central Idaho Planning and Development: Kurt Hibbert representing East Central Idaho Planning and Development, E.C.I.P.D.A. met to give an update on a regional mapping project needs study cost is $80,000. Fremont had paid $1,148, the share that was projected pro rata by population; the new balance would be $11,476.38 due to Bonneville County not being in the study as previously planned. If the cities were included, the City of St. Anthony would pay $5,000 and Ashton would pay $1,000 of the balance. The study will see where counties are in their programs and the goals for their GIS systems.

Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to support the study with ECIPDA funding the study and the county paying the balance due in the next budget year. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Right of Way: The parties involved in a right of way dispute did not meet with the commissioners because Mike Birch was not present. Commissioners determined that they would direct the county attorney to write a letter to Mr. Birch telling him to remove the gate, that the road would be open to the public and that there will be no grazing without a fence.

Contractors: Meeting with the commissioners were building contractors, sign up sheet included in these minutes. Gale Hathaway acted as spokesman. Also present was Tony Robles county building inspector and his attorney Brad Parkinson. Lee Gifford read a written statement. The contractors are concerned with the building inspector doing contract work/builder activities and are opposed to the policy of Fremont County allowing the inspector be able to work in the building profession. Copies of the written statement were supplied. The contractors request the county provide a professional building department. The county attorney is to respond to Gale Hathaway or Ralph Robinson

Impact Committee: Members of the impact committee, Joel Galbraith chairman, Pat McCoy, Rodney Eastvold, Willie Tuescher, and Karen Lords as advisors, met with the commissioners with the advisory committee report on waste water system concerns. The objectives of the committee were reviewed on the waste water hookup fees and upgrade expenses: to comply with regulations, funding issues, fairness for all involved, spread fee over broadest basis and keep individual hookup to least amount possible. In the Macks/Island Park system area there are an estimated development of 80% of the undeveloped lots equaling 896 lots with an impact of $2,700 (least amount) be considered plus the $3,000 equaling $5,700. Willie Tuescher supported the 80% level.

There is need for legal counsel to advise the impact committee, Penny Stanford will not be able to help. Stanford recommended two attorneys that may be available to retain. Commissioners advised Galbraith to proceed.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on April 26, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this twelfth day of April 1999.