County Commission

Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2004

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Bill Forbush, Donald Trupp

Elected Officials: Meeting with the commissioners on the regularly scheduled monthly meeting were the elected officials Treasurer Patricia McCoy, Sheriff Tom Stegelmeier, Assessor Ivel Burrell, and Deputy Suzanne L. Bagley.

Sheriff Stegelmeier reported that there are 25 inmates in the County Jail. Assessor Ivel Burrell asked commissioners to have elected officials meeting extended for another ½ hr. Commissioners will take this under advisement. Assessor Ivel Burrell stated that she would like to resign from the FEAC Board. Ivel Burrell would like commissioners to look for a replacement. Treasurer Patricia McCoy stated that there are 24 mobile homes that did not sell. Most are in trailer courts and our occupied. These went for public auction on Thursday and none were sold. Due to overwhelming amount of delinquent trailers, commissioners will authorize Jeremy Dixon to contact each of the owners, and Patricia McCoy will contact the trailer park owners to let them know of the problem. Attorney Trent Grant will have letters for the commissioners to sign this afternoon on the Community Solutions Contract. Deputy Clerk Suzanne Bagley informed commissioner and Elected Officials of their meeting at lunch with Tony Poinelli from IAC. Commissioner Trupp made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Commissioner Forbush seconded the motion. Motion carries.

Tamara Cikaitoga Park and Recreation Director and Terry Fisher Recreation Officer came before the commissioners to inform commissioners of a grant that they have been awarded $9,300.00 for three ATV’s two in Island Park and one in St. Anthony for the out at the Sand Dunes. Funds will not be available till July 1, 2004. All three will be purchased from Action Motor Sports II in Island Park. Tamara Cikaitoga asked commissioners for permission to lease purchase a little tractor for the Golf Course. Commissioners advised Tamara to pursue this further in a financing situation, with low interest, and spread this over about 3 to 5 years on a payment plan.

North Wind Inc. Mike Donahoo, Mike Jackson, Russ Mc Farland, came before the commissioners to discuss the Fire Mitigation Contract. Mike Donahoo brought a draft copy of the contract for the commissioners to view. This has been used in several other counties, and would commissioners to make any changes, with the County Attorney, with changes. North Wind Inc. gave commissioners an outline of the proposal and a statement of work. Commissioner Forbush asked if RC& D is necessary. Mike Donahoo would like his company to meet with Steve Smart to see if RC&D is necessary.

Peter Gladstone Economic Development Director came before the commissioners to explain the Request For proposal bids for a grant from the Department of Commerce. Peter Gladstone presented a document that would provide $41,500.00 for three years for a memorandum of understanding for Fremont it would be $6,000.00 for the first year $7,500.00 for the second year and $9,000.00 for the third year. This will be done in conjunction with the City of St. Anthony, Ashton & Island Park. Peter Gladstone will draw up the memorandum of understanding with the City’s included. Commissioner Trupp made a motion for Peter Gladstone to move foreword with the memorandum of understanding. Commissioner Forbush seconded the motion. Motion carries.

Debbie Adams Social Services Director asked to meet with commissioners in executive session. Commissioner Trupp made a motion to go into executive session. Commissioner Forbush seconded the motion. Motion Carries. Commissioner Forbush declared the meeting open. Commissioners signed one new Lien, one Fact, Finding and Conclusion of Law. One Order of Reimbursement. Commissioner Trupp made a motion to deny case #M2004-15. Commissioner Forbush seconded the motion. Motion carries.

Willie Tuesher from DEQ came before the commissioners at the request of Clerk Mace. Mr. Tuesher stated that Fremont County is currently ranked fourth in the State for a grant to do a sewer study in the Shotgun, Bills Island area. Elk Creek would be the first on the list to be considered for testing of the sewers. Surface water can also be used in this area. The grant is a matching for about a 50%. Commissioners stated that they would like to participate.

Mary Lou Davis Emergency Medical Services Director came before the commissioners to give a report. Mary Lou Davis asked commissioners to reconsider the mileage reimbursement for those EMT’s that donate their time while she is working on the budget. Commissioners will discuss this further. Mary Lou Davis talked about having disability insurance for those people who volunteer EMT’S. Commissioners gave Mary Lou the go ahead to look into this further. Mary Lou Davis stated that she would like commissioners to keep an eye out for a vehicle for her department. Mary Lou Davis stated that they are still looking for a place in Island Park to build an ambulance hall.

There being no further business to come before this Board the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on June 14, 2004.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this seventeenth day of May 2004.