County Commissioners Meeting Minutes
June 14, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Butler Engineering Bob Butler from Butler Engineering met with the commissioners on projects. He is working with Western Construction Company on Highway 47 staking the right of way. He will file the surveys in the county so the county will have record when they take over the road. Butler has worked with the county on engineering at the landfill and is available to engineer roads and bridges. Butler is considering opening a satellite office in Fremont County.

Assessor’s Report: Assessor Ivel Burrell presented 374 circuit breaker applications to the commissioners. Commissioners reviewed and approved property tax reduction for the applications to be sent to the State Tax Commission.

The Commissioners will sit as a Board of Equalization beginning Tuesday June 29, 1999 and will go day by day as needed until July 12, 1999. Appointments must be set by the end of the workday on June 28, 1999.

Hamer area Roads: Keith Corneilson, Blaine Larson and Brad Egbert, businessmen and property owners, met with the commissioners and announced that they are happy with the road maintenance in the Hammer area. Corneilson wanted to check on the "five-year" road plan for the oiling the roads. An on site review was done by the past board of commissioners and may need to be done with the current board and the road supervisor. Three counties, Fremont, Jefferson and Clark, are involved with roads. Fremont is also working on the Big Grassy Road. Larson said he has stockpiled some reject gravel and dirt and is willing to help supply if needed. Corneilson estimated there are 7 miles in Fremont County on the Egin Hammer road. A plan to get the oiling done will be reviewed and scheduled each year.

Motor Cross: Mike Eddins reported on his work to get a motor cross tack at the Fair Grounds. Eddins would like to schedule a practice day once a week and hold two sanctioned races a year. He is working with the city counsel on the project as well as the county commissioners and the fair board. The city owns the property and must be in agreement.

Kilgore Road: Bonnie Farrell, acting as spokesperson for Old West Ranches, requested paving on the Kilgore road. A group had met with the commissioners in the past on roadwork over a series of years. Because of additional traffic use and heavy truck use the grader work does not control the bumps. Dust is also a problem. The property owners had anticipated three miles of road oiled each year. Commissioner Christiansen said that the road is a top priority, but that weather conditions and time are a big factor.

The road needs to have a good base and be built up with proper drainage and culverts and packed downed for at least one year before oil is put down. Recycled tailings from Highway 20 may be an option to use on the road. Farrell feels that property was bought and cabins built on the strength of discussions from 1986 forward that the road would be oiled to the county line. Christiansen said there are three roads in Island Park they will work on in the short season available for work, the Kilgore Road, the Cowan Road and the Red Rock Road.

Social Services: Deputy clerks, Mary Osborn and Debby Adams, met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion on the following claims: to work with a debit reduction service on one approved medical claim with a balance of $6,195. The county will credit a payment of $25 and will in turn pay 15% to the debit service company; to approve medical claim #99-189 for $3,361 before negotiation; to approved medical claim #99-170 for $4848.03 with a reimbursement agreement. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Weed Vehicle Proposals: Proposals for a vehicle, (pickup), for the weed supervisor were discussed. Proposals were from: Stone’s $23,940; Bauer Motor Co. $22,072, Goode Motor for $21,341.50 available in the fall. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to purchase a vehicle as proposed from Bauer Motor. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion, a voice was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

Residency for Junior College: Commissioners reviewed and approved one request for residency requirements for North Idaho College.

Coffee Pot Rapids Access: Sheriff Terry Thompson and Chief Deputy Butch Thomas discussed access to Coffee Pot Rapids for search and rescue missions. The road outlined is approximately ¼ mile long and was closed by tank traps with the road obliteration by the Forest Service. Sheriff will meet with the Forest Service on the road and would agree to have the road gated. The road is needed for vehicles to help during accidents on the Henrys Fork. There may be additional roads that were closed that are needed for access by various departments as needed. Commissioners will draft a letter in support of reopening.

The road to Egin Lakes will be graded by the county, no parking on roadways need to be posted. An ordinance against using glass containers at the sand dunes and possibly at the Frome Park in Island Park will be brought forward by the sheriff for consideration.

HWY 20 Interchange: Herb Parker discussed the old highway leading into the City of St. Anthony from the south and the need for improvement. There is need for repair on the road, part of which is in the city and part in the county. The county has budgeted funding for its portion. A ditch may be the boundary line with the center line.

Parker said that he had been told by Lance Holstrom from the Transportation Department that a full interchange, as proposed, on the South side of St. Anthony would be implemented. The road is used by heavy truck traffic and business on the south side. The commissioners will draft a letter to the state supporting the interchange. Lawrence Nielson was also present as a business owner – Millwork of Idaho Inc. and agreed with the interchange and the condition of the road.

County Attorney Report: County attorney Penny Stanford met with the commissioners. An amended county deed to Lionel and Wanda Smith was signed by Commissioner Christiansen to give them property from a vacated alley-way. All parties had thought it had been deeded but was not.

Stanford cautioned to check with the county’s liability insurance carrier to see if a motor cross/snowmobile track would be covered under our insurance. The position of the building inspector and the County’s adoption of the ICBO uniform building code were discussed. Liability to the county is a concern.

The Health District has written that the Ards landfill should be closed as it does not comply with standards. The county has issued the permit to Ards. Stanford will write Dee Ard and give him ten days to bring his landfill to compliance or to close it.

Henrys Fork Foundation: Charley Sperry with the Henrys Fork Foundation, discussed the Chester Dam access to the Henrys Fork. Also present was Tamra Cikaitoga, Park and Recreation Chairman, and Alan Bridwell, treasurer of the Upper Snake River Fly Fishers in Rexburg. Sperry said that there is a road in the property on the west side of the Snake River used to access the Chester Dam. The road has been closed by landowner but the road has been declared public access by the commissioners and supported in a judicial review that has been appealed and will be heard by the Supreme Court.

The property is currently privately owned and the owner is interested in subdividing. The Henrys Fork along with the Nature Conservancy is looking for a buyer that would keep the property in tact with one owner to preserve the land. Public access through the property is not desired. Sperry wants the property owner to mitigate closing the road to the public and would improve the road on the east side to maintain access to the river. A boat launch ramp could be developed on the east side.

Sperry reviewed sites in the county and proposed projects. At the Vernon Bridge Sperry suggested a pre-built concrete ramp be installed by Idaho Fish and Game and a porta-potty be furnished along with parking. A request letter to the Army Corp of Engineers to permit the installation of the ramp would need to be written and followed up on. Chester Dam as a project is being worked on by the Madison Irrigation District and the foundation, they would like the county to help improve the road, not to pave it. The road is Fremont Madison’s maintenance road but is being used by more than irrigators.

The Ora Bridge sportsman access project would include no parking signs along the road, erect a fence or strategically place boulders to close the vehicle traffic to the river, and install a cement boat ramp. Drainage is a concern at the Ora Bridge site and vandalism is occurring. Sperry requested the county allow the projects be supported, he feels that the money can be raised outside of the county budget. Permission needs to be granted by the commissioners and Sperry and Cikaitoga could work together to facilitate the plans. Cikaitoga will look at placing some of the land in a "wet land bank".

Commissioner Christiansen said that signs and waste containers being supplied by the sportsmen to keep the area clean would be appreciated. Commissioners will support and give permission to begin the Ora and Vernon bridge projects.

Roads: Wally Bunnell met with the commissioners on roads located in the forest but possibly maintained or being taken over by the county. Bunnell said that they have traded out of the land north of the river at Macks, on the eastside of the highway, for land with Ricks College at Squirrel Meadows. There is a reserved 60 foot right of way that has been marked out as required on county roads. In some places the sixty feet would take you to the river or into private yards.

Bunnell thought the commissioners had accepted the roads and had the deed work drawn up and recorded and has transferred the road to county. The county is reluctant to take over the road that is not to standard. The Forest Service has some public interest in the road for boat dock access but most of the land is used by the private landowners. The Forest Service may provide $6-8,000 to bring the road up to standard. There is a material source near the substation that could be used that is on forest property.

Treasurers Report: Treasurer Patricia McCoy presented cancellations for the month of May totaling $958.27. The majority of the cancellations were from mobile homes and personal property. Commissioners accepted cancellations as presented.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on June 28, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this fourteenth day of June1999.