County Commission Meeting Minutes

June 26, 2000


         Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present to take minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.


Elected Officials: Meeting with the commissioners in the monthly scheduled meeting were Sheriff Terry Thompson, Assessor Ivel Burrell, Treasurer Patricia McCoy, Clerk Mickie Funke, Attorney Penny Stanford and Magistrate Keith Walker. County business was discussed. Commissioners will hold the last meeting in July on the Sheriff Terry Thompson and Magistrate Judge Keith Walker discussed the juvenile program, supporting the resource officers and the probation officer. Sheriff Thompson said on that he has written a letter to one outfitter and guide concerning launching boats on the Ora Bridge access. Clerk Mickie Funke tendered her resignation effective July 31, 2000 as she has accepted employment outside of County Government. Term limits were discussed.

         Treasurer Patricia McCoy said that the cancellations for the month of May are $318.82. She said that June collections are down. There are three parcels of property that have been deeded for taxes that will be auctioned.


Road and Bridge: Road and Bridge Supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave a written report and discussed needs. Reynolds cautioned commissioners about approving subdivisions before they have determined that the road accessing the subdivision is at a standard and if improvements would be needed and how they would be funded. There is currently nothing in the Planning and Zoning comprehensive plan ordinance on the road concern. It will be considered for an amendment.

         Willie Tuescher, project engineer for the Parker-Salem road and bridge project reported on one acre of wetland mitigation being done on the Jerry Carter property. The report was submitted to the commissioners. Tuescher reported on the environmental assessment on the lynx, the review time expected to be six to eight weeks. The right of way acquisition has been submitted to the state for review and purchase will be allowed after the environmental assessment is finished. Reynolds requested the commissioners allow Forsgren engineers assist Mr. John Elmer with permits for borrow material wetland mitigation because of the Salem project. Commissioners will agree to support Forsgren working with Mr. Elmer. The scope of work will be presented next month.


Planning and Zoning: Planning and Zoning Administrator Karen Lords introduced Bob Fisher who is developing subdivision at the old gravel pit at Chester. Lords requests the commissioners approve the plat submitted by Fisher for sixteen lots. The Planning and Zoning commission has approved the plat, set backs from Fall River were discussed. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to approve the plat as presented. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with voting in favor. Commission Chairman Neal Christiansen signed the plat for the county with today’s date.

Karen Lords and Janet Craven discussed a joint powers agreement between the commissioners and reserve officers on doing addressing work for the rural addressing. Commission Chairman Neal Christiansen will sign for the county, Joe Manley and Paul Birch will sign for the reserve officers. The reserve officers will be planting poles for signs and installing signs, as well as maintenance. The reserve officers’ fund will be paid $7.00 for each man-hour volunteered, not to exceed the budgeted amount.


Dare Request: Richard Law, St. Anthony City Councilman asked for continued support and budget assistance for the Dare Program. Law said that the school district and the city have agreed to continue funding and he is requesting the county consider paying $11,000 or forgiving a $10,000 dispatch service now being paid by the city to the county. Commissioners are in the process of working on the upcoming budget and will need to consider all requests.


Proposed Dog Ordinance: Commissioners discussed a proposed dog ordinance with Richard Law. They will advertise the ordinance as proposed and act on it at the next meeting. Law did not think there would be any problems with a joint dog pound with the city.


Social Services: Deputy Clerk Debbie Adams, Social Services Director, met with the commissioners. Other business was one amended lien and a proposal to accept a payoff on a medical claim 97-05, at 50% ($1,132.90); the balance owing is $3,025.80. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to accept the proposal for the payoff as presented. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor in a voice vote.


Personnel: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to allow the clerk to hire deputy clerk Jamie Rigby as a permanent part time assistant to primarily help the commissioners in their business meetings and assigned to do their correspondence as well as doing clerk duties as available. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.


Beer and Liquor License Transfer: Commissioners reviewed and approved a transfer for a beer and liquor license from William Ashton to William Denny for Lakeside bar. No other changes in the license were requested.


Proposal for Human Resource Contract: Mike Mace proposed that Fremont County contract with him and a new company is he going to locate in Eastern Idaho for Human Resources. An employee committee has been formed by the commissioners to look at the cost of health insurance contracts. Mace has been assisting them at the request of the commissioners. Committee members represent the various departments of the county. Chairman, Bonnie Moore - Courthouse, Len Humphries - Law Enforcement, Scott Briggs - Road and Bridge, Harry Barker - Wastewater has met and recommended that Mace be retained to help with the present insurance issue as well as updating the personnel manual. Mace estimated an annual contract at $10 - 15,000 for a variety of services. Commissioners will authorize Mace to contact vendors on health insurance proposals for the upcoming fiscal year.



Public Road Issue: Meeting on a public road with the commissioners were Charley Sperry from the Henrys Fork Foundation, Michael Whitfield from Teton Regional, Marvin Smith attorney for Dan Olmstead and Allen May from Nature Conservancy. The road that goes through the Olmstead property has been determined to be a public road. The public has used the road in the past for hunting and fishing access.

 Allen May said that the property is on the market and in order to prevent a sub division being developed the property could be sold as a private ranch but not with the road being public. If the road could be deemed to be a public hiking trail a buyer might be found. Commissioners said that the road was determined through public hearings to be a public road. Attorney Penny Stanford suggested that any road could be vacated through the petition and public hearing process. Past Commission Chairman Grant Chandler was present and discussed the prior hearing. Whitfield said that their board would like the property protected by the conservation buyer approach by October of this year before the land is developed.

Sperry said that many traditional access sites are on private property and that if the land is developed the owners of the lots may not allow access to the public. Walking access was discussed for individuals not able to walk or hike easily. Whitfield said that they are trying to create a scenario to help keep as much access as possible to rivers. Nature Conservancy and Teton Land Trust would go in partnership to purchase the land to begin with, insure that there would be a non-or limited development easement and transfer the land to a buyer under those terms. If the commissioners held a hearing, it would be similar to the last hearing and they would ask for public input.

Whitfield and May asked if there could be some contingent agreements on the easement. The appeal at the Supreme Court level is such that it is staid pending canal agreements. Marvin Smith said that Olmstead has been working for some time marketing the property and that the road has always been the issue. Commissioners acknowledged that Charley Sperry has submitted a request for public hearing if he could not work with the developers. Commissioners will hold the hearing in a reserved courtroom. The clerk will do advertisements for the date, time, and place when they have been determined.


Property Tax and Value: John Tall requested that commissioners reconsider the value on his garage (RP 00066026033 A). Appraiser Brett Hill said that the valuation on the garage for the past year would be a market value difference of 22,581 from what it was assessed at. The commissioners determined that an adjustment could be made. Treasure McCoy said that Mr. Tall has paid the ‘99 taxes. She will be able to credit the 2000 taxes upon agreement from Tall.



Emergency Medical Services: Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, Mary Lou Davis gave a report. She said the new ambulance was purchased and delivered to the Island Park unit and that it has been on call and is working well. The runs are up for May compared to last year. Davis has been invited to represent Eastern Idaho on a committee on outreach program for high-school juniors and seniors to see if they would like to be Emergency Medical Technicians


Road in Marysville: Wayne Jenkins, Alan Nedrow, Susan Payne, Harold Calonge, Wanda Tracy and Barbara Hall and Ronald Rowsell, property owners in Marysville were present on a road issue brought forward by Dale McGuffy. McGuffy said that he is building a shop on his property in Marysville. Planning and Building has refused access to his shop separate from the access to his house. McGuffy objects too not having the access because he feels that he would not be able to get a truck and trailer into the shop. McGuffy said that one reason was given was because of snowplowing and safety issues.

There had been some confusion on the access location. The other property owners did not feel that the proposed access off of the county road as presented would be a problem. They were concerned with an access near Susan Payne that is not to be acted on today. Planning and Building and Road Superintendent Weldon Reynolds need to be made aware of the access request as made today. Karen Lords said that they will be able to approve the driveway, Road and Bridge Superintendent Weldon Reynolds and the commissioners will sign off before the permit is issued. Alan Nedrow wanted to know about an abandonment of the Lambert Subdivision and the neighbors will consider submitting a petition to vacate the platted subdivision.


Parking: The courthouse employee committee, Brett Hill, Mary Lou Davis, and Bonnie Moore, requested that the commissioners paint the lines in the parking lot, to make all spaces in the parking lot reserved with the corner spaces designated for compacts, and to paint the lines by the sidewalks so vehicles did not encroach on it. Additional parking on the north side of the courthouse is a possibility. A new sign is needed in the west parking lot. Commissioners suggest contacting a scout troop. A suggestion box has been purchased for the break room. A bicycle rack is requested. Mrs. Lorraine Sutton and her granddaughter planted the flowerbeds this year. A bill has not been received yet. Signs in front of the building need to be replaced and a sign on the rock in front of the building needs to be designed and purchased.


Wastewater report: A written report was submitted on the wastewater systems. Operators Dan Lostutter and Harry Barker reported that they had met with Division of Environmental Quality engineer Greg Eager on permits for the Snowfluent system. They also reported on activity through the month.


Fairground: Pam Davis and Marv Hansen, members of the fair board, gave the commissioners a list of needed maintenance at the fair grounds. Requests included: watering the arena, grading the road, make old track level with the road, mow and water the lawns, work on the gravel by the livestock barns, haul away saw dust pile, update the bleachers with backs for safety codes and consider a watering system for fairgrounds, replacing three buildings with one large building, and add trailer hookups. Discussion was had on unsightly property bordering the road leading into the fairgrounds. The property owners will be contacted to see if they would clean up the property. Commissioners will support the board members.


Contracts: Commissioners reviewed a proposed contract with developers of Silverhawk to enter into a five-year agreement to have Silverhawk pay $3,500 per year for wintertime maintenance snow removal of the road.


There being no further business to come before this Board, the meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on July 10, 2000.


         Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this twenty-sixth day of June 2000.