County Commission Meeting Minutes
July 26, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, and Frank Mackert, Commissioner Glenn Davis was absent and excused being out of town. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Planning and Building: Commissioners announced that they have hired Karen Lords to be the new Planning and Zoning Administrator. Commissioner Frank Mackert will be the direct supervisor of the position.

Karen Lords asked for more help, administrative assistant, in the Planning and Building Department. She will see that the notice is posted in house. There was discussion on the need for a building inspector. Framing inspection is critical. Lords said that there are about four more permits issued than at this time last year. Computer Arts has been working on software for building permits – rural addressing, it is not satisfactory at this time. There is a need for other departments to access the program for information. Commissioner Christiansen made a suggestion that a citizen’s panel might be able to work for a short time to work on being involved due to the slowness of the building inspections. Applications are being sought and interviews held for the position of building inspector.

Fire Code: Bob Fisher Jr. discussed working with sub divisions and the fire code. He said the South Fremont Fire District has never been contacted on the need for inspections and wondered if the county or the city has adopted the uniform fire code. Adequate water supply is needed and he feels that it is doubtful that subdivisions have planned for water. The firefighters have pumped out of the river and streams if needed.

Commissioner Mackert discussed the need for property owners and developers to contain the weed problem that can become fire fuel. Fisher asked if there is a uniform guideline used in other areas of the state and suggested checking with other counties. Fisher said that the county may need to pass an ordinance on the weed issue for fire hazard.

Local Improvement Hearings: Kurt Hibbert from East Central Idaho Planning and Development Association, ECIPDA, related that the commissioners must now hold a public hearing for the finalization of the Local Improvement District formed to upgrade the Island Park/Macks wastewater system and to purchase and install the Snowfluent system for winter use. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to hold a public hearing on the assessment role for the Local Improvement District and a notice of objection to said assessment at the regular commissioners meeting scheduled on August 23, 1999, at 3:30 p.m.; to send the notices to 890 equivalent users named as the district and publish said notice in the paper. Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion. All commissioners voted in favor in a voice vote. The amount to be financed is $1,700,001.47, through sale of bonds; the amount anticipated when the LID was created.

Social Services: Deputy Clerk Debby Adams met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care. Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion on the following claims: to approve medical claim #99-195 for $8,393.80 before negotiations; to pre-approve surgery for medical claim #99-201 for $11,364.27 before negotiations, if the claim is over $10,000, the balance of the claim will be submitted to the state catastrophic fund; to approve medical claim #99-202, a catastrophic claim estimated to exceed $59,217.28; to approve medical claim #99-188 for a possible catastrophic claim of $16,148.55; to approve prescription use for #94-180 for six months, not to exceed $150 per month. All applicants are required to sign reimbursement agreements. Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor.

State Service Officer: The state service officer, Barbara A. Palmer, and Fremont County’s officer, Vaughn Phelps, gave a report to the commissioners on the services performed by the Division of Veterans Services. Palmer is over Southeast Idaho. She discussed an emergency grant allocation. In 1996 Fremont was listed with 930 veterans, the number the grant multiplied by 31.8 cents to be available for the county. Certain regulations apply for a one time emergency grant of $1,000 per individual.

State benefits were reviewed for property taxes, state veteran’s homes, education, license plates and fishing and hunting licenses, public employment preference and the status of the facility in Pocatello. The distribution of VA expenditures was given for Fremont County: population 911, comp and pension $640,204, vocational rehabilitation - $28,261, insurance and indemnities of $70,024 total funds are $738,489, per veteran is 811. Out patient visits to facilities were reviewed.

Vaughn Phelps gave a verbal report of his activities. Phelps transport veterans to facilities and helps them get registered and other needs, he normally travels to Salt Lake City. He will be attending meetings in Boise next month. Phelps has been helping dependents as well as veterans.

State Department of Transportation: Lance Holstrom, Senior Planner from the State Transportation and Improvement Program gave a short review of the program, and declared it to be much like last years. July is the public involvement and comment time. New projects within the county were identified as Island Park to Boot Jack Pass road for seal coating, the Phillips Loop road for minor widening, Mesa Falls to Island Park for seal coating. The projects for the Corridor 20 plan were discussed. The FY allocation for Fremont County was reported as $194,197 with the current balance of $74,677. The allocation can be used on the Salem road and bridge replacement project scheduled for FY 2001 which could feasibly happen late next summer. Passing lanes are being considered between Ashton and Chester on the two-lane road.

Road and Bridge Report: Road and Bridge Supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave a report on the projects the crews are working on. They are chip sealing and then will go to the Island Park area, where the state will do no millings this season. Reynolds said that he has an appointment with federal agencies to discuss the work on Highway 47. The commissioners will not sign the Forest Service project agreement at this time on the North Fork Club road.

Insurance quotes for coverage of Life, Health and Dental: Brent Roberts representing Fortes Insurance asked the commissioners change from Blue Cross Health and Delta Dental Insurance to Fortes for employee health and dental insurance. Roberts suggested that there would be a savings in the premiums and expanded benefits for one year - guaranteed. Roberts was invited to come back and go over his program.

Resolution: Commissioner Frank Mackert made a motion to adopt a resolution to allow the Five County Detention and Rehabilitation Center open the current Fiscal ’99 budget by an estimated $15,436 whereby the revenue balance is sufficient to meet the projected expenses. Commissioner Neal Christiansen seconded the motion, a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Commissioner Christiansen signed the resolution in behalf of the county.

Emergency Medical Services: Emergency medical services director Mary Lou Davis commented on the request for a motor cross racetrack at the fairgrounds. Davis said that the ambulance has been used at public events to cover medical needs at no additional charge but that she did not think there was enough staff to cover private enterprise coverage. There would be a suggestion of a charge to the owner/sponsor for taking one ambulance out of service and providing a fee for the EMTs for coverage at races.

Catering Permit: Two catering permits were reviewed and approved as submitted. Applicant Constance Himes d.b.a. Island Park Lodge, to cater a one day event for the Island Park Sportsman Association on August 12 from 3: p.m. to 1: a.m.; applicant Sherri Owens d.b.a. Saddle Up Saloon for a three day catering permit for the Crystal Island Park Rodeo on August 6,7,8 from 11:a.m. to 7:p.m. each day.

The temporary permit for Circle K in Ashton will become permanent with the copy of State approval for Jacksons Food Stores for that facility.

Board of Equalization: The commissioners missed one appeal on Board of Equalization because the request arrived after the cut off date of June 28th but was postmarked that day. The timely appeal is from the Flat Rock Club, parcels – RP 14N43E347200 and RP 14N4350000. A petition to reopen BOE was sent to the State Tax Commission that was approved. BOE will reconvene on Monday August 2, at 2:00 p.m. for the one appeal.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the regular business meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on August 9, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this Twenty-sixth Day of July 1999.