County Commission Meeting Minutes
September 13, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Budget Resolution: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to the FY 2000 budget for the county as put forth in Resolution 99-03. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion, all commissioners voted in favor in a voice vote. The public hearing for the budget was advertised and held on September 7, 1999; and was attended by the commissioners, elected officials and department heads and was tape-recorded. There were no members of the public or the media in attendance. The budget was reviewed for the county and the ambulance district. There were no changes recommended.

Taxing District Levies: Clerk Mickie Funke presented budget requests from the taxing districts for approval. One new levy was requested by the City of Island Park who has never levied before. Glenn Davis made a motion setting the levies as presented, second by Frank Mackert, all commissioners voted in favor in a unanimous vote. Proof of Public Hearings and copies of budgets had been furnished to the county by the districts as required.

Sheriff Department Equipment Needs: Sheriff Terry Thompson presented proposals for one new vehicle. Three proposals were offered. Proposals were approved from Stone’s for $24,132 with options of a keyless entry for $172, fog lamps for $129 and HD service for $352; Bauer Motor Co. for $24,964 and $26,104; and Madison Ford-Mercury, inc. for $26,279. Commissioners approved the proposal from Stones.

Sheriff offered proposals for two new snowmobiles: 600-cc liquid cooled, short track, 1 ½ Paddle Track, trailer hitch and covers. Bids were reviewed from Teton Enterprises for $11,149.80; $12,566.80 and $12,022.80; from Performance Sports for $12,711.90; and Beddes Farm Center for $6,586 each machine and $6,040 each machine. Commissioners approved a proposal from Teton Enterprises for $11,149.80.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Patricia McCoy discussed delinquent taxes and that she is preparing pending issues to be sent in the future. Any investment interest collected on the monies for the Local Improvement District for the Island Park / Macks waste water system will be put in the LID fund to pay back the 4.5% interest on the Division of Environmental Quality, DEQ loan. McCoy has been getting payments in full from some users; she has set up a LID account to be used to hold payments until the end of the month.

Department Reports: Written reports from the wastewater department and road and bridge department were presented and read. The safety inspection report was given by Clerk Mickie Funke as submitted by state inspector Bill Messer. Any items noted were forwarded to department heads to be complied with.

Social Services: Deputy Clerk Debbie Adams met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion on the following: to approve medical claim #99-265 for a pre-approval of approximately $10,000; to approve medical claim #99-220 for an estimated $11,722 before negotiations; to deny medical claim #99-227 for other resources; to deny medical claim #99-223 for other resources. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Two liens were signed and approved to be recorded on medical claims.

Idaho Association of Counties: Dan Chadwick, the executive director and Tony Poinelli, deputy director of Idaho Association of Counties stopped for a visit.

Park and Recreation: Chairman Tamra Cikaitoga made a report on the golf course. The bills will exceed the amount of revenue with today’s bills. She recommends that the amount needed be transferred from the Park and Recreation fund. She is concerned that the course does not pay for itself and that the commissioners need to decide if the course should be leased or continue to be operated by the county. Commissioners will allow funds be used from Park and Recreation fund for this months expense.

Park officials are considering winter use of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. A committee including several boundary counties has been formed to explore alternative options and snowmachine travel in the parks. Cikaitoga will represent Fremont County.

Discussion on grooming plans for snowmobiles was had. A bridge is needed on the west side of Henrys Lake Outlet to allow groomer and snowmobile traffic to cross the stream in winter. The area is about two hundred feet. There can be no support in the stream so a bridge must be free standing. An engineer from Amcor has been working on design ideas for the bridge. A sixty-five foot span may be needed.

Cikaitoga had suggestions for the upcoming grooming season. Bill Warner, a groomer operator was present. An additional groomer operator is needed. The operators need to work less consecutive hours and have two consecutive days off for rest and safety. At this point we will not have enough revenue to have the state furnish an additional machine though registrations went up by about 1700. Law enforcement will be checking sticker registrations. Cikaitoga requests a 4% raise in groomer operators’ wage scale. The groomer operators are doing equipment maintenance.

The trail that goes to Shotgun and Blue Creek is recognized as a problem for duel use- it is plowed for motorized vehicles and the snowmachine trail parallels the plowed road. The trail goes on the county right of way and snow is a problem. Cikaitoga suggests a county ordinance to make the plowed section of road affected dual use, snowmachine and motor vehicles, with a limited speed limit for any and all.

Complaints about the condition of the trail in Island Park were voiced. The three groomers are working seven days a week with a set schedule for three months. The additional operator will help on the set routes and then will see if any additional trails can be groomed more often or in addition. The state park is anticipating giving the county an additional $25,000 out of non-designated funds. $15,000 may be used for law enforcement. Cikaitoga said that a schedule of the grooming could be posted.

Harriman is to have additional stickers for vendors in compliance with the state whey they run out of stickers to sell. This was a problem last year when stickers were not available. If there is enough funds, a leased groomer is a possibility for about an eight-week time frame if terms can be met.

A motion was made by Commissioner Frank Mackert to go into an executive session to hear a personnel issue with the Island Park Chamber of Commerce. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Glenn Davis with all commissioners voting in favor of the motion. The session was completed and the commissioners went back to regular session.

Planning and Zoning: Bob Fisher, a developer, has bought a used gravel pit by Fall River. Fisher asked for two permits: one for construction demolition and one for composting in the gravel pits to help restore the soil in that area. Demolition will include concrete and soil and items that will be used for fill for the gravel pits. Jerry Woods from the Health District has recommended Fisher approach the commissioners.

Karen Lords, P& Z Administrator provided copies of two letters addressing the permits. She noted that Woods would be responsible for checking the site and making sure it is in compliance. Commissioners agreed to allow and will issue written permit.

Property Tax: Commissioners will cancel the interest of $75.42 on RP S01930020020 and will ask for payment of the 96’tax delinquent in the amount of $228.10 for an individual that requested relief. Tax Collector, Patricia McCoy was instructed.

Wastewater supervisor Dan Lostutter alerted McCoy that in one case a user had illegally tied into one hookup with two cabins and had crossed a private lot with the lines without an easement. The LID fees for equivalent users are being reviewed upon user request by Lostutter to make sure they are correct.

Health, Dental and Life Insurance Proposal: Mark Garner from Pacific Benefits Group gave a proposal for Health, Life, Dental, insurance for county employees. The underwriter is Benchmark. The yearly premium would be approximately $348,000.

Road Report: Weldon Reynolds noted that Nellie Stephens would not be staying in her home this winter. There was an original agreement to keep the road access in the winter as long she is there. Some road maintenance is done on the road. The commissioners and Reynolds will go on a tour next Monday to look at projects and review equipment needs.

Subdivision Complaint: Roger Murri and expressed concern on a proposed subdivision located near him. Murri commented on the double wide and other trailers moved in on the area. Murri said that there was remodeling done in a trailer, that it was skirted last winter, was remodeled and lived in. Murri said that the trailer was moved in with no permit. Murri is requesting a cease and desist order on the two trailers. Karen Lords said that she would send the building inspector out and if the structures were out of compliance, he would red tag the structure. Then the owner would have a time to comply. If there is no compliance, the prosecutor would be notified.

Murri said that as far as he knows the property is still owned by Dave Murdock and that there are too many homes on the property. Lords said that the owner does not have to be the one that develops the property. Storage of a trailer is allowed as long as it is not being occupied.

Catering Permit: The commissioners reviewed and approved a one day catering permit for Betty Stephens D.B.A. BJ’s Corner, to cater an event at the County Fair Grounds for the Search and Rescue organization on September 18th.

Insurance: Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion to contract with Blue Cross, Delta Dental and Kansas City Life for the fiscal year. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion, a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Commissioners also determined to allow employees donate sick leave to another employee with a catastrophic illness at their own discretion. A memo will be included with the next payroll checks.

There being no further business to come before this Board, the regular business meeting was recessed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on September 27, 1999.

Dated at St. Anthony, Idaho, this Thirteenth Day of September 1999.