County Commission Meeting Minutes
September 27, 1999

Present for the meeting were Commissioners Neal Christiansen, Glenn Davis and Frank Mackert. Clerk Mickie Funke was also present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Elected Officials: Attending the regularly scheduled meeting were elected officials: all commissioners, Sheriff Terry Thompson, Assessor Ivel Burrell, Treasurer Patricia, McCoy, Attorney Penny Stanford, and Clerk Mickie Funke. Discussion on technology and computer programming was held. A new recording devise for the E 911 system has been ordered. The next commissioners meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 12, 1999 because of the federal holiday on Monday, October 11th when the courthouse is closed.

Charles Allen met with the commissioners to inform them that he is now a certified building inspector. Commissioners offered him the full time position of building inspector with the county to start October 4th.

The new fiscal budget for FY 2000 will begin October 1. A surplus sale for county equipment needs to be held this fall. One motor grader is surplus and will be advertised and sold now. Six appeals on property values for the county has been sent to the state. Appeal hearings will be held on October 27 and 28 in the courthouse.

Kathy Nelson with the state tax commission reviewed the five-year plan for the assessor’s office. She gave a report and furnished a summary by category. The assessor’s office is doing a good job with the appraisals. The commissioners sitting as the Board of Equalization was discussed for procedures and dates by a review of Idaho Code.

Planning and Building/Zoning: Planning and Zoning Administrator, Karen Lords, and surveyor Rick Byrem presented Elk Run Subdivision plat and requested conditional approval of the plat by the commissioners. The roadwork will be completed on this Thursday and there are additional requirements on septic disposal from the Health Department. The mylar was not submitted at this time. Lords gave a recommendation to the commissioners for them to give the conditional approval and to sign the mylar after all signatures have been appropriated.

Blue Creek Homesites, formally phase three of Arrowwood, developer Mitch Jacobs, was submitted for approval for the name change and conditional approval of the plat. The mylar was not submitted, signatures will be appropriated and submitted. A motion was made by Commissioner Frank Mackert to approve the Elk Run Plat and the plat for Blue Creek Homesites with conditional approval. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion, A voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in unanimous consent.

Names were submitted for additional members of the Planning and Zoning Commission from the Island Park area. Rich Zimmerman and Genevieve Prohasto had submitted their names to the citizen commission. The Planning and Zoning Commission then requested the county commissioners appoint one new member to the Board. A motion was made by Commissioner Glenn Davis to appoint Rich Zimmerman. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; A voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in unanimous consent.

Department Reports: Road and Bridge Supervisor Weldon Reynolds gave a report on the road projects and crew activities this month. Equipment needs were discussed. A motion to piggyback a bid on a road grader was made by Commissioner Frank Mackert. Commissioner Glenn Davis seconded the motion. All commissioners voted in favor in a voice vote.

Dan Lostutter gave a report on the wastewater system. Work on the rolls for equivalent users is being done for the LID and the operation and maintenance fee.

Social Services: Deputy Clerk Debbie Adams met with the commissioners in a closed session to review claims for county services for medical care. Commissioner Glenn Davis made a motion on the following: to approve medical claim #99-230 for $130,726.50 before negotiations, a catastrophic claim of which the county will pay the first $10,000 and the balance will be submitted to the state as a catastrophic claim; to approve medical claim #99-232 for an estimated $7,242.88 before negotiations. All applications contained reimbursement agreements. Commissioner Frank Mackert seconded the motion; a voice vote was taken with all commissioners voting in favor. Two liens were signed and approved to be recorded on medical claims.

Bid for Crush: As advertised bids were opened for crush. Three bids were submitted, all were complete with bid bonds. Bids were requested on 703.04 (aggregate for untreated base) for approximately 20,000 tons and on 703.06 (aggregate for cover coat material) for approximately 18,000 tons, to be crushed at the county pit near the freeway at St. Anthony; work could start immediately if wished or be completed about the first of May. No completion date was specified, only recommended.

703.04 703.06 Total

D. Blosh Crushing @2.04 = 40,800 @7.10 = 127,800 168,600