Economic Development

Table of Contents

Approach & Process
Approach to Community Development A-1
Plan Development Process A-4
How to Use this Document A-6
Appreciation and Thanks A-8

Realities, Values & Visions B-1
Fremont County Values Statement B-2
A Vision of Ashton B-3
Island Park Vision Statement B-4
St. Anthony Vision Statement B-5

Goals & Action Strategies
Action Strategy Summary List C-1

Tourism Goal D-1
T1 Sand Dunes Business Network
T2 Group Tour and Guided Services Network
T3 National Geographic Geo-Tourism Initiative
T4 Hess Museum
T5 Regional Visitor Fishing Licenses & Snowmobiling Permits
T6 Increase Public Access on Lower Henry's Fork
T7 Increase Wildlife Viewing Opportunities
T8 Enhance Tourism Websites
T9 Visitor Info & Island Park Visitor Center

Entrepreneurship Development Goal E-1
ED1 Business Facilitation Program
ED2 Business Retention & Expansion Program
ED3 Business Mentoring Program
ED4 Nurturing Business Networks
ED5 Nurture An Entrepreneurial Climate
ED6 Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Amenity In-Migrants Goal
AIM1 Fremont Ambassadors
AIM2 Explore Senior RV Park
AIM3 Guerilla Marketing Campaign Targeting Retirees

Value-Added Agriculture Goal G-1
AG1 Organic Potatoes and/or Barley
AG2 Country Natural Beef Cooperative
AG3 Farmers' Market
AG4 Alternative Energy Enterprises
AG5 Farm & Ranch Recreation Enterprises
AG6 Feasibility of Community Kitchen Incubator

Community Improvements Goal H-1
CI1 Develop an Active Main Street Program
CI2 Community Review for St Anthony
CI3 Affordable Housing Development
CI4 Adaptive Re-use of Historic Buildings
CI5 Community Store
CI6 Island Park Multi-Purpose Community Bldg

Organizational Capacity Goal I-1
OC1 St. Anthony Hydropower Turbine
OC2 County Manage St Anthony Sand Dunes
OC3 Community Endowment
OC4 RV Park at St Anthony Golf Course
OC5 Resort Tax
OC6 Leadership Training
OC7 Expand & Re-structure FEAC
OC8 Increased Accountability

Volunteers and Community Attitude Goal J-1
VCA1 FEAC & County ED as Model of Volunteerism
VCA2 County Volunteer Week
VCA3 Fremont County "Paint The Town" Event

Summary K-1

Supporting Documents
1. Fremont County Community Economic Profile
2. Public Facilities and Utilities (chapter from Fremont County Comprehensive Plan)
3. Values & Visions Workshops
4. Community Potential Workshops
5. Taking Action for Economic Development Workshops
6. Meeting Notes from Part-Year Residents
7. Tourism Development Workshop PowerPoint
8. Tourism Development Workshop Report

Prepared for Fremont County by:
Dr. Richard L. Gardner
Bootstrap Soluctions
Boise, Idaho
February 2008