Annex Building

Planning & Building Department
Administrator Tom Cluff

125 N. Bridge St.
St. Anthony, Idaho 83445
Fax: 208-624-1320
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Other Points of Contact:

  • Blake Bowman – Building Official
  • Keith Richey - Fire Official
  • p&


The Fremont County planning staff works closely with the Planning & Zoning Commission to ensure that the policies, rules, and standards of the Comprehensive Plan and the Development Code are fairly and efficiently met by all applicants seeking a permit to alter land use and to assist all interested parties with the planning process.

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The Fremont County building staff assists property owners, builders, and others in meeting the requirements of safe renovation, remodeling, and new construction of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Fremont County administers the International Building Code requirements in the issuance of all permits, except those within the St. Anthony city limits.

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Code Enforcement

The Fremont County code enforcement staff is responsible for the investigation and correction of code violations that can occur from time to time. With a goal of compliance first, staff works with property owners to correct any deficiencies and to eliminate threats to the public health, welfare, and safety.

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Rural Addressing

In order to locate people in emergency situations and to facilitate rural postal delivery, every residence and place of business in Fremont County is assigned a county street address. This address is made up of two components - an address number and a road name. The assigned address will provide the information necessary to pinpoint a location on a map.

If you need to obtain an address or need to notify the County about obtaining or replacing a street sign, please contact the Planning & Building office in the County Annex.

Teton View Regional Plan

In November 2011, the Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium (WGYC) was awarded a $1.5 million HUD grant and launched its three-year planning process in February 2012. As the original applicant for the HUD Grant, Fremont County has served in a leadership role and has handled project management and grant administration.

Teton View Regional Plan