Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2000

Present: Rich Zimmerman, Bill Smith, Deb Coleman, Kerry Cottrell, Connie Otteson, Dirk Mace and Kurt Eidam

Other Attendees: Ivel Burrel – Fremont County Assessor, Jerry Woods – Sr. Environmental Health Specialist, Mike Vickers – Stonegate, Karen Lords – P & B Administrator, Cathy Winters – P & Z Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Rich Zimmerman. First order of business was the minutes from our March Meeting. Motion was made by Bill Smith to approve as written, second was made by Dirk Mace. Next order of business, minutes of Olmstead onsight inspection. Motion was made by Dirk Mace to approve as written, second was made by Deb Coleman. Both sets of minutes approved by a unanimous vote.

Sketch Plan – Stonegate 3 – 7 Lots, Mike Vickers. Mike showed detailed plans giving relationships of Stonegate to the Wasdens property of which they bought a portion in order to protect the integriety of their development. They have given the Wasdens an easement allowing them access to their property. They are installing sewer in June (this has been approved by DEQ) and decided to proceed with this in Stonegate 3. The only problem is access into this phase of the development. Access into this phase brings up a safety issue, and Mike requested a variance in the code due to the 15% – 20% grade dropping down to Sawtell Peak Road where the normal access would have to go. He wants to extend the cul de sac to 1880 feet. Karen gave details of our code and how it affects this project and explained the hardship issue and how that is to be interpreted in this particular case. Mike then explained he was doing a lot line adjustment next to lot 7, the owner of lot 8 requested a buffer zone in this area and it was decided to do a lot line adjustment and then use the balance of lot 7 as a barrier. Karen explained lot line adjustments can be done within a subdivision as long as it is not going out side the boundaries. It was agreed that they can proceed with a preliminary plant.

Administrator’s Report - Karen began with the Code Amendments that will need to be address in the near future, beginning with Fremont Telcom and with request to install telephone lines in the initial development stages. Scott Kamachi has made the suggestion that this be reviewed as performance standards, such as any subdivision with less than 60 lots be encouraged to put phone lines in, but make it mandatory for any subdivision with more than 60 lots. Karen will get this written up, it will be have to be reviewed by the board then a public hearing will have to be held.

Next issue that we will need to review is lot splits we are researching what other counties use as their requirements. Karen discussed some of the scenarios that might come up regarding these issues and some of the current requirements by other counties. One of the options could be that everyone that does a split has to hire a surveyor and plat. Kerry Cottrell mentioned we would have to be very careful because the landowner could do a takings. Deb Coleman requested we get a copy of Teton Counties policy. Ivel recommends that surveys be required on all lot splits, in order to record accurate deeds. She is also concerned about mini subdivisions without public hearings. The county is going on GIS Mapping and this would benefit us greatly on the accuracy of out mapping. Kurt Eidam felt that it would protect the landowner upfront if the surveys are required. Another issue Karen brought out was the land use; agricultural use can make a difference in the lot split issue. Kurt would like us to get a policy in place and published in order to protect everyone from any legal issues that arise. Karen said she didn’t think Penny Stanford was aware of the amount of illegal lot splits that are happening and if we sent her everyone she would be overwhelmed with paper work. Karen recommends we have a particular date in place as a starting point that as of this date, i.e. 2000, the new policy on lots splits goes into effect and we monitor from there. Karen brought up the fact that people buy and sell property thinking there are no rules and regulations that they have to go by and then for example when they go to the health department they can’t put on a septic system. Jerry Woods said that would rarely ever happen now days, if you have enough money, there are no unbuildable lots due the different types of septic systems there are available. If the landowner wants, he can spend as much as $50,000 on a septic system.

Deb mentioned a need to address the issue of dogs and codes regarding pets. Dog Sledders are a concern; Kerry mentioned we do not have a kennel law and wondered if P & Z needed to address that issue. Jerry Woods said from a health standpoint that with District Seven Health Department has no rules and regulations regarding animals and that their hands are tied. An individual would have to file a lawsuit on a personal level if they feel a health issue is a problem. Deb said they are not classified as livestock so they do not have to go by any ag requirements. In July of 1999 the state updated the land use statues and we need to revise our statues to bring them up to date with the state. Laura Lot mentioned that the commissioners are working on a leash law and I verified that it is to be discussed at the commissioners meeting on Monday, April 24.

Onsite Inspections: May 9th, meet at the courthouse 2:30 PM, pick up at 2:45 Kurt Eidam’s in Ashton, meet at Jacob’s corrals at 3:30 PM for inspections. Jerry Woods will meet us there. Inspections will include, proposed Lodge and Cabins, Centennial Properties, proposed Dean Baudin, 150 acres – 30 – 35 lots and Stonegate 3.

Deb requested that our building permit report show address of property instead of mailing address. I will go in and correct that report.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM, motion by Bill Smith, second by Deb Coleman.