Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2000

Present: Rich Zimmerman, Bill Smith, Deb Coleman, Kerry Cottrell, Ramon Luekenga, Mike Davis, Dirk Mace, Linda Crapo, Brent Singleton, Jerry Woods, Karen Lords, Cathy Winters, Pat McCoy

The meeting was held at the property of Mr. Olmstead at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, April 7, 2000. Dan Olmstead, Marvin Smith – attorney and Bob Davis – Watermaster was in attendance.

Karen Lords, (after checking with Penney Stanford, County Attorney) began by reiterating the issue of road access by Brent Singleton, the access is not an issue to be considered by the commission. That issue is a private issue between Mr. Singleton and Mr. Olmstead and has nothing to do with the Sub Division.

Ray Finch gave a detailed overview of the property and how it is laid out on the preliminary plat. Mr. Finch began at the location of the main home and explained where the county road access would be and the location of the wet lands. He went into detail regarding the canal and the access to the canal. Bob Davis agreed there were no issues pending.

Mr. Finch then took the commission half way through the property and gave more details as to how the lots will be split and the no build zone on the river side of the canal.

The inspection was completed at the end of the property with details regarding the cul de sac and dam access.

The meeting was an advertised meeting in accordance with the open meeting law. A quorum was present and the commission decided to discuss and vote on the Preliminary Plat. Ramon Luekenga made the motion to approve the preliminary plat with conditions, the motion was second by Kerry Cottrell. The motion was passed with all in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.