Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2000

PRESENT: Linda Crapo, Dirk Mace, Ramon Luekenga, Kerry Cottrell, Kurt Eidam, Rich Zimmerman, Jerry Woods, Cathy Winters, Karen Lords

The Planning & Zoning Commission members departed from the court house at 2:30 picking up other Planning and Zoning members in Ashton. The on-site inspections included three projects in the Island Park Zoning District Area.

The meeting began at Centennial Properties with a tour of the existing lodge. Mitch Jacobs and Rick Byrem began by showing the group the existing 3,200 sq. ft. building. The Centennial Shores proposed lodge will be under 5,000 sq. ft. The new building will house their offices along with 6 bedrooms to serve as a bed and breakfast. There will also be a marina available for guests staying at the lodge along with Jacobs Lakeside Subdivision and Centennial Shores Subdivision. Buffering around the lodge and the parking area will be mandatory due to the visually sensitive area mapped by Island Park Natural Resource maps. Jerry Woods stated he found no problems with the septic approvals, test holes looks good. They have to determine whether it will be pump or gravity feed.

Rick Byrem then took us to the proposed Eagle’s Nest Subdivision owned by Dean Bawden. The owners home will be on the 51 acres on the southeast side of the county road. The development will be on the northwest side of the county road with lots no smaller than 2 ½ acres. The owner has accomplished the issue of wildlife migration by allowing adequate open space for the migration route of elk and other wildlife. Eric Higley, representing Mr. Bawden, emphasized the Bawden’s are environmentally conscience and want to address the sensitivity of the area. Jerry Woods sees no problems with septic approval. He did not see any problems with the small amount of wet lands and the steep grades due to the size of the lots. Access to the proposed cul-de-sacs were addressed by Karen Lords. Limited access will be necessary from the Cowan county road.

Ray Finch and Dave Gietzen gave us the tour of Stonegate Phase 4. We stopped at Strawberry Lane, in Sawtelle Mountain # II Subdivision, as a reference for the variance that Stonegate LLC is asking the Board to approve. The property acquired for Phase III requires the extension of a road to a dead end with a cul de sac. This will require an addition of 440 feet to the exisiting road and would make the road 1880 feet in length. The steep grade of the property does not allow for safe access. Karen gave examples of other variances the board has approved in the past, due to hardships on the developer. Due to safety issues this is a good example of why variances can be allowed.

The tour was completed at 6:30 PM at the court house.