Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2001

Present: Mike Davis, Kerry Cottrell, Dirk Mace, Kurt Eidam, Connie Otteson, Linda Crapo and Bill Smith

Other Attendees: Karen Lords – P&B Administrator, Sue Sommer – P&Z Secretary, Rick Byrem, Jerry Woods, Jesse Lassley, Tom Ditterick, Dean Bawden, Marvin Smith, Grant Richey and Keith Richey

Mike Davis called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.; Mr. Davis opened by welcoming everyone to the meeting.


Minutes were and Dirk Mace motioned to accept the minutes as written. Kurt Eidam seconded the motion and approved unopposed.


Because this is a Public Hearing on the SBA Towers issue - Chairman, Mike Davis, encouraged any person who plans to speak or make comments to list their name, address and phone number on the ‘sign-up’ sheet placed by the door. This information/list will be made a part of our record.


Karen Lords, briefly, explained the reason why the board was re-doing the Final Plat for Eagle’s Nest. After updating the board on this development and a short ‘question and answer’ period, Bill Smith motioned to approve the Final Plat. Attorney, Mr. Shipman, interrupted the motion and requested to make public comment. Chairman Mike Davis stated that Public Comments are closed on this issue. Mr. Shipman stated that he wanted this issue made part of the record. Bill Smith again motioned to approve the Final Plat. It was seconded by Kurt Eidam and approved unopposed. Karen Lords advised the parties involved that this Final Plat will go before the County Commissioners on the 26th of February and an exact time will be provided later. (Please note that subsequent to this P&Z Meeting, Mr. Shipman filed an additional appeal with the Planning & Building Dept.)


Karen Lords stated that Notices were properly mailed and property posted as required. Mike Davis asked if there was anyone on the board that would have a conflict of interest in this matter. Everyone assured the chairman that there was no conflict. Karen Lords provided ‘late arrival’ public comment letters that couldn’t be included in the packets – as part of the record.

SBA Towers is requesting to place an unmanned communication tower on private property as per application information. Karen described the proposed site, type of construction and compliance code requirements to be met.

Public comment letters were read by Karen Lords from:

A. Robert R. Lee, Idaho State Senator for District 27 (copy available) B. Idaho Fish & Game from their Regional Supervisor, Bob Saban (copy available) C. Idaho Agriculture Aviation Association, Inc., Chip Kemper – President, IAAA – Karen Lords read her response letter to IAAA, dated January 18, 2001 D. Dick Seeley of Ashton, Idaho (copy available)

Question and answer session between fellow board members and SBA Towers ensued. Jessie Lassley answered any and all questions reference Radio Frequency Engineering as to location, description of the proposed tower, the proposed co-location for other carriers/providers to negate the multiple tower locations in this area. Up to 8 carriers can be placed on one tower if the tower is placed in a strategically located area. Jessie explained the current set-up of coverage and future placement plans of SBA Towers equipment.

Following the question and answer session between the board and SBA Towers, Chairman Mike Davis opened discussion for public comment.

There was ‘Public Comment’ made from the following people: Gary Nicolette of 1712 Aspen Heights Drive – Ashton, Idaho Ted Austin of 2464 Radio Road – St. Anthony, Idaho Steve Martony of 1669 Aspen Heights Drive – Ashton, Idaho Tom Ditterick of Twin Falls, Idaho (Representing the Carrier – Sprint PCS Keith Richey of 1646 N. 3550 E. – Ashton, ID Grant Richey of 3507 E. 1600 N. – Ashton, ID (Property Owner)

After hearing public comment, Grant Richey decided that he wasn’t sure if he wished to have the tower located on his property after all. He wished to think about this before making a decision.

Jessie Lassley, stated that due to the un-decisive comments made by Mr. Richey, that SBA Towers would be willing to table this discussion until the next P&Z meeting. SBA Towers would look into any alternative locations in the close proximity and advise. He would need to speak to his Radio Frequency Engineer to make any decisions.

Chairman Mike Davis closed the meeting from further Public Comment. Kurt Eidam motioned to table the discussion until the March, 2001 meeting. The motion was seconded by Kerry Cottrell and carried unopposed.


Sketch plan of the proposed sheds was distributed. Karen Lords presented the information on the RV Storage sheds. It is two years later, and now, Darlene Bressler has decided to go on with their plan. There were minor changes in the location, but the access road site remains the same. The P&Z members were encouraged to review the packet with the information. This property is located behind Fall River Electric.

Darlene Bressler showed the location on her sketch plan and has proposed to build two shed type units, side by side for storage (including 10 individual units in each shed). She assured access will remain the same as previously presented and that these plans will meet all the requirements of the Development Codes.

After a short question and answer discussion from the board members, Kurt Eidam motioned to approve the sketch plan as written and to go forward for Public Hearing. It was seconded by Dirk Mace and passed unopposed.


1) Legal issues with code changes – Trent Grant showed up in Karen Lord’s office this morning reference Lot Splits. He could not come to this meeting, but plans to attend the March 19th P&Z meeting. 2) Madison County Open Meeting on Land Use Statutes – Madison County mailed out to all of the Board members an invitation to attend a Land Use meeting. Please try to attend as this will be presented by the Idaho Attorney General’s office and they will update you on up-coming legislation proposals and give you an opportunity for asking questions. This will be February 23, 2001 at 1:00-5:00 p.m. 3) Handouts from Pocatello Meeting – Karen Lords gave all members a booklet called ‘Local Planning Act’ that Sue Sommer and Karen Lords received at training they attended in Boise. Encourage review of this booklet as the effect of passed legislation may impact Fremont County Planning & Zoning. Karen gave an elaborate explanation of changes that may affect our county and gave everyone the opportunity to ask questions after detailing out the subjects discussed at the Pocatello Seminar. 4) Central Water Supply on Mitch Jacobs property in Island Park – If the ‘Overall Average Density’ of property is 2.5 acres or more does not require Central Water. Mitch Jacobs’ subdivision does have a few lots that are under 2.5 acres…. But the ‘Overall Average Density’ is 2.5 acres. Mitch Jacobs’ is considering providing Central Water to a few of these properties, which is not a code requirement, but as a courtesy, may still provide Central Water. An in-depth discussion on this subject was opened to the board and information provided showing problems with the current code requirements. The board needs to think about how to update the Development Code to reflect the correct proportionate requirements. Think about how to ‘word’ these proposed changes. 5) The Fire Departments, EMS, Sheriff’s Dept., etc. have contacted the Planning and Building Dept. and are suggesting that assistance is needed in their departments to handle the growing county development. We will be doing development study on these services and get back to the P&Z to further discuss how to handle these needed services.


Linda Crapo made a motion to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Connie Ottesen. Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m.