Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
September 5, 2001

PRESENT: Bill Smith, Dirk Mace, Rich Zimmerman, Deb Coleman, Kurt Eidam (lost in-route to the site), Karen Lords (P&B Administrator) and Sue Sommer (P&Z Secretary).

OTHER ATTENDEES: Leslie Parkinson, Developer/Property Owner

WELCOME AND PURPOSE OF THIS MEETING: The purpose of this meeting was to gain knowledge in the scoring of property for the Fremont County LESA System Checklist. The Board Members met in the parking lot of the Fremont County Courthouse. Members were invited to travel to the site in the Fremont County Van. Karen Lords, Sue Sommer and Dirk Mace were the only ones that wished to travel to the site in the van. All others opted to attend in their own vehicle and meet at the site.

ON-SITE LESA EVALUATION: Karen Lords distributed copies of the Land Evaluation Site Assessment System (LESA) and two LESA System Checklists (one completed sample and one incomplete form to use as a work sheet) to the attending Board Members.

All of the Board Members looked at the site and systematically went through the LESA System Checklist and scored the project. Karen went through question-by-question and described what is taken into consideration in the decision of the point scoring of the property and/or site. The Board agreed with each of Karen’s scoring, except for Question #2. The Board felt that the scoring should have been lower than she had pre-scored. They thought it should have been scored 1 point (e. 10-29% Is in agricultural use).

Karen encouraged any questions that the Board may have on any of the LESA questions. Deb Coleman asked about the irrigation rights and responsibilities to which Karen responded that the Developer would have to meet State Statute Laws and that she had sent notification to the Fremont-Madison Irrigation District Office and that their requirements would have to be met, also. There were several questions asked about the scoring procedure. Karen pointed out that the scoring points are to be added up and the total points are compared to the Fremont County Development Code relevant Section (AAA. Productive Cropland - Page 80 of the Fremont County Development Code). The score given to this property by the Board was a 13, which clearly makes this property unproductive cropland and eligible to be developed as non-productive cropland according to the Fremont County Development Code guidelines.

Meeting was dismissed at 7:00 pm.