Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
October 21, 2002

PRESENT: Mike Davis (Chairman), Bill Smith, Rich Zimmerman, Kip Martindale, Rod Dalling, Deb Coleman, Connie Ottesen, Kurt Eidam, Kip Martindale, Dirk Mace, Kirk Mackert (new Board Member), Karen Lords (P&B Administrator) and Sue Sommer (P&Z Secretary).

OTHER ATTENDEES: Douglas Clegg (Spring Creek Manor Assisted Living Center), Rod Eastvold, Ivel Burrell and several City P&Z Board Members (St. Anthony Impact Area discussion)

WELCOME: Mike Davis called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. Kirk Mackert was introduced as the new Board Member is replacing Deb Coleman.

MINUTES: Dirk Mace noticed one change to be made for the September 16th, 2002 minutes. Under PUBLIC HEARING – BATCH PLANT, paragraph three, it should read, ‘Bob Bauer came forward and stated that 99% of the vehicles/trucks would NOT be taking the route through the city residential area.’ Rich Zimmerman motioned to accept the minutes, with that change. The motion was seconded by Bill Smith and were approved unopposed with the change.

2003 P&Z CALENDAR APPROVED: A copy of the proposed 2003 P&Z Calendar was given to each Board Member. The only change is that the meetings for the months of January and February will be the second Monday of those months. Dirk Mace motioned to approve the meeting calendar with the noted changes. The motion was seconded by Rich Zimmerman and was approved unopposed.

PUBLIC HEARING – SPRING CREEK MANOR – ASSISTED LIVING CENTER – TASCHER SURVEY – PARCEL 6 – DOUGLAS CLEGG: Karen Lords advised that proper notice was mailed out, posted and published as required. The Board members declared that there was no conflict of interest and, therefore, Public Hearing could go forward. Karen displayed the proposed plans of the site and photos taken of the site. She, then, read the P&B Administrator’s Memo relevant to this project. Karen reviewed the provided packet information, including going over the site plan that Doug Clegg had provided. She wanted it noted that there would be two driveways, one from US Highway 20 and the other driveway on 2375 E. (extended Bridge Street). Idaho Dept. of Transportation has approved the access driveway. In the packet was a copy of the Class II Permit Application, the P&B Administrator’s Memo, South Fremont Zoning District Development Review Checklist, a letter from Utah Power giving approval to provide services, the plot plan and site plan. Karen advised that the setbacks had been revised by Doug Clegg to reflect at least 50’ setback off Highway 20 and 30’+ setback off 2375 E. (extended Bridge Street). Karen advised that Mr. Clegg will provide documentation that the proposed facility has State Licenses for the Assisted Living Center. Mr. Clegg, briefly, described the project and assured the Board that the Idaho Dept. of Transportation had given approval to the access off Highway 20 and that the setbacks had been revised to comply to such requirements. Chairman, Mike Davis, asked if there were any questions for Karen Lords or Mr. Doug Clegg relevant to the proposed project. There were a couple questions relevant to parking spaces and/or paving.

Chairman, Mike Davis, then opened the meeting to Public Comment. There were no Public Comments and, therefore, closed the Public Comments portion. The Board discussed, briefly, the proposed project. Kurt Eidam motioned to approve this project with the conditions listed in Administrator’s Memo. The motion was seconded by Deb Coleman and the motion was approved unopposed.

TABLED DECISION - PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUATION FROM SEPTEMBER MEETING RE: BATCH PLANT – BOB BAUER/CARY SARGENT: ‘No show’ by any developers, therefore, decision ‘Tabled’ until November 18th, 2002 P&Z meeting.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT: Attached to the Board Members’ Agenda was a list of the Approved Permits that were issued for the month of September of 2002. An updated address and phone list of the P&Z Board was distributed to each Board Member. Rich Zimmerman provided his new address. Appendix I & J (specifically, Standards for ‘Gravel Mining’) of the Fremont County Development Code was provided to all Board Members to insert in their manuals.

WORK MEETING/CITY OF ST. ANTHONY – IMPACT AREA: The Fremont County Board and the City of St. Anthony P&Z Board discussed, at length, the proposed boundary lines for the Impact Area. Both Boards had some suggestions for boundary changes and provided additional information of why they extended so far out or had suggested coming in further. There were some good suggestions from both Boards. City of St. Anthony Board would present the ‘in common’ suggestions at the next City P&Z Meeting. Both Boards thought this would eliminate any waste of monies for future Public Hearings. They felt that clarifying any discrepancies, now, before any further Public Hearings are scheduled, would reinforce any final decision on the boundary proposals. The City Board will advise Karen Lords of the results of their next meeting.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Connie Ottesen made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Rich Zimmerman and was approved, unopposed. Meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.