Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2002

PRESENT: Mike Davis (Chairman), Bill Smith, Linda Crapo, Dirk Mace, Rod Dalling, Karen Lords (P&B Administrator) and Sue Sommer (P&Z Secretary).

OTHER ATTENDEES: Jerry Woods, Mike Vickers, Rick Byrem

WELCOME: Mike Davis called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.

MINUTES: Rod Dalling motioned to approve the Minutes of March 11th, 2002 and the On-site Minutes for Cornell Hansen Subdivision project and the Blaine Ashcraft gravel pit project. It was seconded by Dirk Mace and was approved unopposed.

FINAL PLAT – STONEGATE #4: Mike Vickers explained that this Plat has not changed since the last discussion. There are 59 lots that will have covenants, community sewer and a Development Agreement that will be signed, which will pin down a date of completion for the roads and sewer in the fall of 2003. Ms Lords and Mr. Vickers reviewed the Final Plat with the Board members. Mr. Vickers mentioned there would be water hookup access for the Fire Dept., in case of any fires in this subdivision.

Chairman Davis asked if there were any further questions. There were none and, therefore, Dirk Mace motioned to approve and accept the Final Plat. The motion was seconded by Rod Dalling and was approved, unopposed.

FINAL PLAT – BUFFALO RIVER ESTATES #4: Rick Byrem, the developer for Buffalo River Estates, and Karen Lords, Planning & Building Administrator, briefly reviewed the proposed project. They displayed the proposed Plat maps and made comment that this Final Plat will make the lots larger, yet more conforming with the inclusion from Buffalo River Estates #1.

Chairman Davis asked if there were any further questions or statements about this project. Jerry Woods interjected that this move is a favorable one with his Department, with the enlarging of the lots.

With no further questions, Dirk Mace motioned to approve the Final Plat. The motion was seconded by Bill Smith and was approved, unopposed.


Attached to the Board Members’ Agenda was a list of the Approved Permits that were issued for last month – March, 2002.

Ms. Lords, briefly, went over the items that have been of recent discussion in Fremont County. • 5-County Detention Center – If this project comes into Fremont County, the Planning & Building Dept. will be active participants in the inspections relevant to the applicable Fremont County Code requirements on this project. A decision on the location should be made within the next 3 weeks. • North Fremont High School – project has been put on ‘hold’ because the bids came in too high. Our building inspector/department has some suggestions/changes to suggest for these plans, relevant to the same type changes made to the South Fremont High School project (thus saving costs because of ‘change orders’ re: outside wall plumbing done on S. Fremont that had not been considered before construction).

Projects in the works: • Greenhouse North of Ashton • Blaine Ashcraft – gravel mines • Mitch Jacobs property selling and possible expansion of Lodge and Cabins • Arrow Wood Subdivision – additional 20 lots • Subdivision in Fall River area with possibility of Golf Course • Dirk Parkinson Subdivision • Siepert building proposal on the gravel pit property

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Linda Crapo made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Dirk Mace and was approved, unopposed. Meeting was adjourned at 7:51 p.m.