Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2002

Cornell Hansen Subdivision Blaine Ashcraft-Gravel Pit

9:10 a.m. left Courthouse parking lot and arrived at Cornell Hansen site at 9:25 a.m.


PRESENT: Mike Davis (Chairman), Kip Martindale, Connie Otteson, Deb Coleman, Dirk Mace, Bill Smith, Rod Dalling, Karen Lords (P&B Administrator) and Sue Sommer (P&Z Secretary).

OTHER ATTENDEES: Rod Eastvold and Cornell Hansen

Cornell Hansen gave a brief overview of his proposed subdivision. They drove to the middle of the proposed development and then the Board did a LESA Evaluation. The Site Assessment ended up with a score of 11 and the Total LESA Score was a 89 – With these results, the property qualifies as non-productive cropland and this project can go to sketch plan on April 15th and then to Public Hearing on May 20th, 2002.

Upon completion of this On-Site, at 10:08 a.m., the Board left in vehicles for the Blaine Ashcraft property.

10:20 a.m. arrived at Ashcraft property


PRESENT: Mike Davis (Chairman), Kip Martindale, Connie Otteson, Dirk Mace, Bill Smith, Rod Dalling, Karen Lords (P&B Administrator) and Sue Sommer (P&Z Secretary).

OTHER ATTENDEES: Rod Eastvold, Blaine Ashcraft, J.T. Beech, Commissioner Glen Davis, Greg Stoddard, Harry Kennedy,

Blaine Ashcraft went over his proposed development. He stated that he wished to have an on-site, in order to alleviate any proposed problems or questions that the neighbors may have. His plan is to have a Gravel Pit with an office on the front section of the property and would abide with the buffering setbacks (or whatever proposed new adopted codes that may come about.)

There was question and answer session and J.T. Beech expressed concerns over the productive cropland being changed to a gravel mine.

Rod Eastvold spoke about there is no strip zoning in Fremont County and that the only time the County takes into consideration the productive cropland issue is if there is a proposed subdivision, which then the LESA scoring system would apply (along with other state and federal maps). This proposed project would be permitted as a Class I permit and can be approved by the Planning Administrator if all the guidelines/requirements are to be abided by. Karen explained that the Development Code is being reviewed, as we speak, by a gal in Boise. As the Development Code says now, we cannot say that productive cropland cannot be subdivided, but we do have restrictive guidelines and this can be a ‘takings’ if someone wants to go that far. This particular type of development may have buffering changes from 50’ to 100’ and the existing 660’ from the existing residences may be changed to 1200’ --- upon which Blaine Ashcraft and Greg Stoddard said that they would even be able to meet those requirement and would plan with such.

Chairman Davis asked if there were any more questions and Mr. Beech said that his only concern was the ‘productive cropland’ issue, which he didn’t realize that it wouldn’t come into play on this development.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Connie Otteson made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Dirk Mace and was approved, unopposed. Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.