Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2002

PRESENT: Mike Davis (Chairman), Bill Smith, Linda Crapo, Kurt Eidam, Kip Martindale, Deb Coleman, Rich Zimmerman, Dirk Mace, Karen Lords (P&B Administrator) and Sue Sommer (P&Z Secretary).

OTHER ATTENDEES: Jerry Woods, Patrick Doyle, Ivel Burrell

WELCOME: Mike Davis called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

MINUTES: Sue Sommer mentioned changes to be made on page 2 of the Minutes of May 20th, 2002 – paragraph one of the Cornell Hansen project - change the first line to say ‘Public Hearing’ instead of ‘Sketch Plan.’ Change paragraph four of same project to say ’16 acres of lot 8 gets the 1 stock/share of water’ (replacing ’16 lots are evenly sharing 1 stock/share of water’). Dirk Mace motioned to approve the Amended Minutes of May 20th, 2002. It was seconded by Rich Zimmerman and was approved unopposed.

PUBLIC HEARING - RESTAURANT AND CATERING SERVICE – YALE/KILGORE – PATRICK DOYLE: A packet was provided to the Board via mail approximately last week for their review. Karen Lords advised that proper notice was mailed out, posted and published as required. The Board members declared that there was no conflict of interest and, therefore, Public Hearing could go forward. Karen distributed photos taken of the proposed site and then read the P&B Administrator’s Memo relevant to this project. Karen reviewed the provided packet information, including going over the site plan that Patrick Doyle had provided. She wanted it noted that the parking area had been enlarged to handle a turn-a-round for RV’s and emergency vehicles, etc. There will be approximately 100’ x 150’ driveway area for turn-a-round of summer vehicles and/or semi-truck traffic. Chairman, Mike Davis, asked if there were any questions for Karen relevant to the proposed project. There were none. Pat Doyle came forward and stated that Karen had done a good job of explaining the project and would not add any comments. Chairman, Mike Davis, asked if there were any questions for Ms Lords or for the developer, Patrick Doyle. There were none so Chairman, Mike Davis, opened the meeting to Public Comment. Jerry Woods: Mr. Woods stated that they are determining whether domestic/household quality or commercial quality waste- water. He will be monitoring the waste-water and determine if too much greasy waste is being emitted and if so, determine a clean-up proposal route. There were no other Public Comments and, therefore, Chairman Davis closed the Public Comments portion. The Board discussed the proposed project and determined that it is well designed and matches the area of Island Park (the log cabin siding, etc.) Board Members commented that the development seems to meet all the code requirements. Deb Coleman motioned to approve the development. The motion was seconded by Dirk Mace and was approved unopposed.

SKETCH PLAN – ASHTON LDS SEMINARY BUILDING – REP. JAMES WYATT OF NIELSON, BODILY & ASSOCIATES OF IDAHO FALLS: In the packet there was provided a copy of the Sketch Plan Review, a short project proposal with a plat map of the proposed location and a site plan showing driveway, parking spaces and setbacks. Karen briefly skimmed over the proposal and wanted to note that this building would be located within walking distance of the new ‘being built’ high school. Proposed parking would be for a 5-stall parking lot (1 handicapped + 1 for extra visitor and 3 employees/staff). There would be 2 instructors and 1 secretary using the building and they would plan on 2 visitors. (1 space of which is a handicapped spot) The P&Z Board mentioned that there should be more visitor parking spaces included. The proposal allows for a total of five (5) parking spaces (one visitor, one handicapped and three employee/staff spaces). Board Member, Rich Zimmerman, re-emphasized the fact that the handicap parking space should not be counted as one (1) parking space for visitors. There should be, at least, two (2) visitor’s spaces, besides the handicapped space. Nielson, Bodily & Associates stated that the water and sewer is proposed to be tied-in with the fire loop for the High School with the city. Jerry Woods made additional comment about the hopefulness of the LDS Chapel, across the street, to be tied into the City Sewer & Water also, so that they can meet the septic guidelines/rules. If their hook-up is allowed through the City of Ashton, this would eliminate a lot of possible health issues/problems as far as his department is concerned. Chairman, Mike Davis, asked if there were any questions or expected problems. There were none. Rich Zimmerman motioned to accept the Sketch Plan but to add a total of eight (8) parking spaces for any staff and visitors. The motion was seconded by Dirk Mace and was approved unanimously to go to Public Hearing in July.

PRESENTATION OF HARRIMAN STATE PARK MASTER PLAN – KEITH HOBBS, PARK MANAGER: Harriman State Park provided each Board Member a copy of the ‘Draft Master Plan Summary Brochure.’ Keith Hobbs and Connie Vaughn spoke, at length, about the planned/proposed changes to the Harriman State Park area. They were asking for input, from the County, in written form any suggested changes to the proposed Draft and to give the County’s approval to the direction Harriman State Park is taking. Connie Vaughn went over, at length, the preparation that they have gone through to get to this step of the Draft presented to and before the Board this date. She would like to get an approval letter from the County by July 19th, 2002. Karen Lords suggested that by the P&Z Board Meeting of July 15th, the Board review the ‘Draft Proposal’ that is before them and make a decision by the July meeting (July 15th). Karen Lords can, after the meeting, fax any suggestions and/or response to the Draft Proposal. The Board agreed to review and discuss at the next meeting. Kurt Eidam stressed the fact that the project would go a lot smoother if the encompassing property owners are notified of this proposed plan. Ms. Vaughn stated that there have been several public meetings, already, and another one is planned for this next Saturday – June 22nd from 3-7 pm at Harriman State Park. She re-assured the Board that the public has been notified and has been invited to several presentations during the last year. Kurt Eidam suggested contacting the County Assessor to acquire any resident mailing addresses that are within close proximity of this proposed Master Plan.

PRESENTATION OF DEPARTMENT OF WATER RESOURCES – DENNIS DUNN: Dennis Dunn reviewed the changes that will be mandated by the Idaho Dept. of Water Resources (Code 42-111). Mr. Dunn handed out a News Release from the Idaho Dept. of Water Resources re: Enforcing the use of Domestic Water to water ½ acre or more parcels being illegal. He explained how the use of the ‘Domestic Well Water’ on lots more than ½ acres has created a negative domino affect on the legal water stock/share users. Educating the public that, just because they have purchased a parcel of ground that is ½ acre or larger (within a subdivision or not), they legally do not have the right to water that parcel from a Domestic Well. Explaining to them that they do not own any water shares/stocks in irrigation water has been falling on deaf ears and has brought the Department of Water Resources to the point of having to enforce the limitation to these size parcels. The Dept. of Water Resources is expecting a mandate (through legal litigation) to police, enforce and handle violations and complaints relevant to water limitations on Domestic Well-water usage. They expect to handle these on an individual and ‘as they come up’ basis. Dennis Dunn encouraged the Board that if they had any questions relevant to water issues, that they call him at the office.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT: Attached to the Board Members’ Agenda was a list of the Approved Permits that were issued for the month of May, 2002. Please note that the correct permit costs are now reflected on this report. A copy of a letter from Larry Johnson was distributed to all Board Members. This letter arrived too late to be presented at the last meeting relevant to code changes. Karen asked the Board to review and these changes may be taken into consideration when doing the future changes to the County Codes. Some of the suggestions have already been proposed for the current changes.

Review of the 2002-2003 Budget

• New Building Inspector proposed hire date is January of 2003 – The new person will need to be ‘certified’ as an inspector. The budget will reflect these expected costs. • Cell phones within several County Departments have been changed. Planning & Building has changed to U.S. Cellular. The plan that was proposed was less money and we would have one more phone than we had through Verizon. Our department signed a 2-year contract. (Free phones being one of the benefits) • Energy Code, Mechanical Code and International Building Codes are proposed to go into effect in July of 2003. We are expecting some affiliated costs in order to get these codes in place.

HENRY’S FORK AGRICULTURAL CORRIDOR – WILDLIFE HABITAT CONSERVATION CASE STUDY: Board Members were each distributed a copy of the USDA Case Study provided by the Henry’s Fork Foundation. Karen Lords has been approached by the Henry’s Fork Foundation and would like the County to put on a forum or presentation for the public. These forum/presentations would be to advise the public of the data collected by the Henry’s Fork Foundation. The immediate response by several Board Members was that the County should NOT get involved in presenting any one private organization’s proposals. The Board felt that any information presented to the public by the County could be misconstrued as a ‘policy’ of the County. Any such forums and/or presentations should be the responsibility of the private organizations. Kyle Babbitt asked the Board if they had any problem with Karen Lords representing and assisting in these forums and representing the County. Karen Lords responded that she would need to ask the County Commissioners if this would be allowable. Karen would propose this request at the next County Commissioners Meeting. Rich Zimmerman motioned that the County and/or employees NOT get involved in representing any private agencies. The motion was seconded by Linda Crapo and was approved unopposed.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Rich Zimmerman made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Bill Smith and was approved, unopposed. Meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.