Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
August 19, 2002

PRESENT: Mike Davis (Chairman), Linda Crapo, Rod Dalling, Deb Coleman, Connie Ottesen, Kurt Eidam, Karen Lords (P&B Administrator) and Sue Sommer (P&Z Secretary).

OTHER ATTENDEES: Jerry Woods, Cornell Hansen, Bob Bauer

WELCOME: Mike Davis called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m.

MINUTES: Rod Dalling motioned to approve the Minutes of July 15th, 2002 and for the On-Site Minutes of July 31st, 2002. The motion was seconded by Deb Coleman and were approved unopposed.

FINAL PLAT – SALEM PINES SUBDIVISION – CORNELL HANSEN – 12 LOTS: P&Z Administrator explained that this is the Final Plat for Salem Pines and consists of 12 lots and excludes the personal home of Cornell Hansen. Ms. Lords stated that the roads have already been built and have been inspected. Jerry Woods stated that he has done the test holes and the project seems to be going very well. His department will continue to do monitor testing of the wells at different times of the year, in order to make sure that the sub-water does not interrupt development. The sub-water has continually depleted because of the residential construction in this area. Mr. Woods stated that the septic permits issued to lots in Morning View Subdivision meets all the criteria and is in the immediate vicinity of this proposed subdivision. Cornell Hansen stated that he is doing the monitoring of the sub-water. Jerry Woods spoke up and stated that Mr. Hansen has been very conscience about following up and checking out the sub-levels. There shouldn’t be any problems. Chairman, Mike Davis asked if there were any further questions and there were none. Kurt Eidam motioned to approve the Final Plat. The motion was seconded by Connie Ottesen and was approved unopposed.

SKETCH PLAN – BATCH PLANT – CAREY SARGENT AND BOB BAUER: In the packet there was provided a copy of the Sketch Plan Review, a site plan showing driveway location and setbacks, a brief description of the proposed project (along with Batch Plant Specifications and drawing of the plant with a photo of what the batch plant will look like upon completion). Karen briefly described the location to be on frontage road by the defunct Rocky Crest Nursery north of St. Anthony. They propose to have a 8x20’ mobile office with portable water. There will be 4-6 trucks a day with loads of concrete. They propose to utilize Seiperts’ and Parkers’ gravel pits for their gravel source. Access, to and from, will be from US 20 and not through town. This location is ¼ mile from the school with a natural high berm located between the project and any other residents/development on the rear portion of this property. Bob Bauer said that he has filled out forms for DEQ already and they have all been approved. Several Board members asked questions relevant to the proposed project. Chairman, Mike Davis, asked if there were any questions or expected problems. There were none. Linda Crapo motioned to accept the Sketch Plan. The motion was seconded by Kurt Eidam and was approved unanimously to go to Public Hearing in September.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT: Attached to the Board Members’ Agenda was a list of the Approved Permits that were issued for the month of July of 2002. Karen announced to the Board members, which were not at the On-site Impact Area meeting, that the proposed Impact Area had been turned down by the Planning & Zoning Board. The only change that the Planning & Zoning Board discussed was the ‘size/area.’ Karen Lords attended a meeting in Rexburg with several other Planning & Building officials and learned that the ‘size’ issue was the major discussion. At that meeting, the general consensus was that the ‘smaller the better’. It becomes too costly to the cities involved when they engulf too large of an area. Ms Lords said that Ray Voss has proposed to meet with both Commissions (city & county) to discuss this issue and, hopefully, make any changes before going to Public Hearing. Ms Lords spoke to the prosecuting attorney and there will, also, need to be a separate Joint Powers Ordinance between the involved cities and the county. This issue will be discussed further after the September Planning & Zoning Meeting (at approximately 8:30 pm). An announcement was made of the Annual Idaho Planning Association Conference in Moscow, Idaho. Each Board member was given a verbal invitation to attend this very worthwhile conference. The Planning & Building/Zoning Department has already budgeted any training and travel expenses related to these types of training and encourage attendance by the Board members. Registration forms and agendas were provided to all Board members. Karen Lords stated that the Planning & Building Department has, at their expense, enrolled the current Board as members of the Idaho Planning Association and to expect any relevant training information from the association. The Board, briefly, discussed the replacement Board member to take Deb Coleman’s place. The decision was made to keep Deb Coleman active until such time as the replacement attends his/her first meeting. Deb agreed she’d continue serving until such time. The Board will need to discuss, at a future date, the rotation process for the Board members. Suggested replacement Board member names were: Brian Barchi, Todd/Trenna Peebles, Brenda Rigby, John/Debby Waddell, Kirk Mackert and Charles (Chuck) Remone. Kurt Eidam motioned to keep Deb Coleman as a voting Board member until a replacement is appointed. The motion was seconded by Rod Dalling and was approved unopposed. The Board presented Deb Coleman a ‘Recognition of Service’ plaque. ‘Special thanks’ was given to Deb for all the work and time she has contributed to the Planning and Zoning Commission for the past six years.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Deb Coleman made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Linda Crapo and was approved, unopposed. Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.