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The Fremont County planning staff works closely with the Planning & Zoning Commission to ensure that the policies, rules, and standards of the Comprehensive Plan and the Development Code are fairly and efficiently met by all applicants seeking a permit to alter land use and to assist all interested parties with the planning process.

Planning & Zoning Commission

Member Area Representing Office Held Start date of Services Residency Code  Years Date of Expiration  Term
Mike Lawson Parker/Egin Member 3/18/2019 3 3 3/18/2025 Second
Dale Swenson Wilford Chair 10/19/2015 3 3 1/10/2023 Second
Kim Ragotzkie Ashton Member  1/9/2012 1 1 1/10/2023 Third +
Rod Nichols St. Anthony Member 8/16/2010 1     Third
Dennis Forbush Parker Member 4/5/2021 1 3 4/5/2024 First
Loy Schroeder Island Park Vice-Chair 4/5/2021 2 3 4/5/2024 First
Tryge Simpson Island Park Member 4/4/2022 3 3 4/4/2025 First
Residancy Codes: 
1= Inside  City Limits
2 = Outside City Limits & Inside Area of Impact
3 = Outside City Limits & Outside of Area of Impact, In Fremont County
All are three year terms ( Fremont County Code Chapter IIB)
and are limited to two terms (I.C. 67-6504).

Meeting Minutes

Fremont County Comprehensive Plan

In 2019, Fremont County updated some of the policies of the Comprehensive Plan. The revised policies are found in Resolution 2019-15A.