Weed Department
Supervisor Bryce Fowler

410 North 2320 East
St. Anthony, Idaho 83445
FAX: 208-624-3002

6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



We want to help you with your weed control problems or questions. We can be reached by phone at 208-624-7442 or 208-709-2181. We are located at 410 N 2320 E, St. Anthony, often referred to as the old stud mill property. Please feel free to call or stop in for weed identifications or clarifications about chemicals, biological control information, or to discuss pasture maintenance issues with us. We work with a variety of state and federal agencies to control or eradicate invasive or noxious weeds in a variety of situations. If at any time we can assist you in safely performing a project, or answer your questions about what we do, please contact us.

Fremont County Weed Control Program

The goal of Fremont County Weed Control is to conduct a coordinated effort to implement county and state weed ordinances. We will accomplish this effort by achieving the most effective vegetation management program for the preservation of Fremont County’s valuable property by utilizing educational, mechanical, biological, cultural, and chemical control efforts for the benefit of Fremont County. Our main responsibility is to manage the county roadside for invasive (noxious) weeds, which will help maintain a healthy road shoulder with desirable grasses. This will also aid in limiting environmental hazards such as fires, snowdrifts, and line of sight for travelers. We also assist all landowners with control of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and Fremont County listed noxious, invasive, and other undesirable plants.

Many noxious weeds are pretty, but they quickly take over. Some of these plants are even poisonous, like Poison Hemlock.