Fremont County was the first county created after Idaho was admitted to the Union. It was organized by the Legislature in 1893 from the northern part of Bingham County. It was named for John C. Fremont, the pathfinder who surveyed the West for the Government.
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Public Hearing

Property Tax Reduction

Teton View Regional Plan


The Fremont County Commissioners will meet Monday, March 30, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fremont County Annex Building located at 125 North Bridge Street, St. Anthony, Idaho, for the purpose of hearing public comments regarding a proposed fee increase for Solid Waste.

Proposed Rate Table

Just under half of the Idahoans eligible for Idaho Circuit Breaker Program apply for the discount, according to AARP. The program reduces property taxes on a homeowner’s primary Idaho residence and up to one acre of land by as much as $1,320.

Applicants must meet income guidelines, and other guidelines. Applications must be filed by April 15. Contact the Assessor's Office for more information, 208-624-7984.


In November 2011, the Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium (WGYC) was awarded a $1.5 million HUD grant and launched its three-year planning process in February 2012. As the original applicant for the HUD Grant, Fremont County has served in a leadership role and has handled project management and grant administration. For more information, visit