Biking in Fremont County

Ashton Area Routes & Highlights

These bike routes use lightly traveled public roads around Ashton. Bikers are reminded to observe all traffic rules, and use caution on Highway 32 and 47. The Rails-to-Trails from Ashton to Lamont is open to bikes but is not paved. It features two scenic railroad trestles: at Fall River and Conant Creek.

Trail Notes

  • The Trestle Loop has moderate hills, crosses Fall River twice, once on a trestle safe for bikes.
  • The Grainville Loop follows the Trestle loop until Grainville Road, and crosses Fall River on Hwy 32. Caution is urged.
  • The Warm River Loop follows Hwy 47 for 5 miles and has 5 miles of gravel. Recommended for mountain bikes or bikes with durable tires.
  • The Ora loop, west of Ashton, is relatively flat, lightly traveled, and crosses the Henry's Fork twice.
  • The Lamont Loop is paved, with moderate climbs. Recommended for road bikes. The loop may be shortened by following alternate routes back to Ashton.
  • An alternate Lamont Loop follows Hwy 32 from Ashton to Lamont (17 miles) and returns to Ashton on the Reclamation or Greentimber Road
  • Forest Service roads above Warm River are suitable for mountain bikes.
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