Comprehensive Plan

The Fremont County Board of County Commissioners held a public hearing and adopted a new version of the County’s Comprehensive Plan on Dec. 17, 2008.

The Comprehensive Plan guides how we as a community will continue to grow. It provides the policy and planning guidance we need to address current issues facing our County. A Comprehensive Plan is the policy framework the County will use when addressing issues like density for development, natural resources, transportation, economic development, housing, recreation, and public facilities. It contains the long-range policies and goals for the County.

Visual Resources Study

The 1992 Fremont County Comprehensive Plan relied on a background Natural Resources Inventory study conducted by researchers at Utah State University and included a visual resources assessment. This visual resources study was limited in its scope and resulted in comprehensive plan policies and development code regulations that protected “visually sensitive areas” in the Island Park Planning Area only. Much of the public comment the Planning and Zoning Commission received in the initial public involvement meetings supported this policy but felt that the policy should apply to the entire county to recognize and seek to protect visual resources throughout the county. In 2007 the County contracted with some of the researchers who were originally involved in creating the natural resources inventory to reassess the entire county for visual sensitivity and to make recommendations on how to mitigate the visual impact of new development in these areas. This study comprises the mapping of visual resources and recommendations for developments in areas identified as visually sensitive. This document has not been adopted as a regulatory tool but is recommended to the Planning and Zoning as they establish recommendations in the Fremont County Development Code.

Previous Comprehensive Plans

Copies of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan are available for purchase from the Planning and Building Department.