Rural Addressing


Most rural residents are familiar with the roads and landmarks around their homes. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many others, be they friends visiting from out of town, the package delivery person or the utility worker fixing a power outage. These people are often unfamiliar with rural and mountainous roads and landmarks.

This is also true for emergency medical, law enforcement and fire responders. While many who respond are volunteers familiar with their surroundings, others are not and would benefit from a frame of reference and consistent system that helps them find homes or sites more quickly.

An improved, more effective road name, number and sign system can be of great help to those unfamiliar with rural roads.

If you need to obtain an address or need to notify the County obtaining or replacing a street sign, please contact the Geographical Information System office in the County Courthouse.

In order to locate people in emergency situations and to facilitate rural postal delivery, every residence and place of business in Fremont County is assigned a county street address.  This address is made up of two components - an address number and a road name.  The assigned address will provide the information necessary to pinpoint a location on a map.

Rural Mailboxes