Weed Control


The Noxious weed department is responsible for managing and controlling invasive plant species within the county. We offer a variety of services to help residents and landowners manage noxious weeds, including:

  • Weed Identification: We can help you identify various weed species that are common in the county.
  • Herbicide Questions: We provide information and advice on the proper use of herbicides for weed control.
  • Biological Control: We offer biological control services as an alternative to herbicide use.
  • Assistance with Noxious Weed Control: We provide resources such as equipment rentals, educational materials, and technical assistance to help you develop effective weed management plans.

Our goal is to prevent the spread of noxious weeds, protect natural resources, and preserve the environment. Thank you for visiting our webpage, and please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Weed Control Program

Fremont County Weed Control is dedicated to implementing county and state weed ordinances through effective vegetation management programs. Our approach includes education, mechanical, biological, cultural, and chemical control efforts to preserve the valuable property of Fremont County. Our primary responsibility is to manage invasive (noxious) weeds along the county roadside to maintain a healthy road shoulder with desirable grasses. This helps reduce environmental hazards such as fires, snowdrifts, and line of sight for travelers. Additionally, we offer assistance to landowners in controlling all Idaho State Department of Agriculture and Fremont County listed noxious, invasive, and other undesirable plants.

While some noxious weeds may be visually appealing, they have the ability to quickly overtake an area and may even be hazardous, like Poison Hemlock. Our goal is to work with the community to prevent the spread of these weeds and protect the local environment.

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