Fremont County does not send requests for payment of property taxes, fees or costs via email. If you receive an electronic request for payment, it is probably fraudulent. If you have any questions, please contact Fremont County officials directly. If you have been contacted in this manner, please notify the Fremont County Sheriff's Office, at phone: 208-624-4482.

Taxing Process

Title 63 of the Idaho Code was updated as of January 1, 1997. This was the result of a four-year project by county assessors, treasurers, clerks and commissioners, the State Tax Commission and the Idaho Association of Counties. It was approved by the 1996 Legislature with some cleanup in the 1997 session. Basically, it puts the tax year in order.

First the State Tax Commission establishes its rules and regulations, and then the Assessor's Office completes its appraisals accordingly. The next step is for the County Commission to meet as a Board of Equalization. Then the Taxing Districts make their requests for the money they will need to operate through the year and the budget is set for the county. Once this is done, the tax rate is set. After this, the Tax Collector takes over and the tax notices are sent to property owners or their mortgage companies.

Property Tax Video

An informative video from the Idaho State Tax Commission on the importance and determination of property taxes.