What to Know Before Working at the Polls

Simply put, we depend on our poll workers. They play a key role in Election Day tasks and make it possible for us to make the voting process a positive experience for our community. Poll workers may issue ballots, verify names and addresses, register voters, distribute “I Voted” stickers and assist voters. Poll workers earn $110 for Election Day services and training. They are expected to work a full day at the polls.

More about a day as a poll worker might look like:

  • Election Day is a 14-hour+ day depending on the election. All poll workers must arrive at their assigned voting precinct by 7 a.m. and remain at the polling place until the ballots are completely counted and the polling location is clean. This is typically around 9:30 p.m.
  • Poll workers are NOT allowed to leave their polling place for any reason on Election Day. Bring everything you need for the day with you when you arrive.
  • Poll workers are responsible for bringing their own meals. Make sure you bring enough food to last you the entire day.
  • Elections are very important and even a small error can have significant consequences in the election process. We ask all poll workers to pay special attention to detail in their work.
  • Poll workers must remain politically neutral while working at the polling place.
  • Poll workers must provide their own transportation to their assigned polling place.
  • Poll workers are expected to help prepare the voting area by setting up tables and chairs.
  • Polling places can be busy during peak times. At times, there may even be lines to vote. This can sometimes cause stressful situations for our poll workers who have to deal with impatient voters.
  • Finally, we encourage each of our poll workers to request an absentee ballot to vote. You will NOT be allowed to leave your polling place to vote at another location on Election Day.