Where should I place my registration on my snowmobile?

The registration stickers must be placed on the right and left sides of the cowling of the snowmobile and should be completely visible and in a legible condition at all times. Each snowmobile must be registered before it leaves the premises at the time of sale from any retail snowmobile dealer, according to Section 67-7103, Idaho Code. The purchaser of a snowmobile, with has been previously registered, must transfer the registration within 15 days of the sale. Vendors will prepare a new registration with the name and address of the new owner. The transfer fee is $4.50. An application for an Idaho title must be filed at the nearest County Assessor's Office.

Nonresident Certificate Requirements

Idaho requires all out-of-state snowmobilers to purchase a nonresident snowmobile user certificate. The certificate costs $32.50 and is available at authorized snowmobile registration vendors. Nonresidents may designate their certificate fees to the county snowmobile program of their primary use.

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2. Where should I place my registration on my snowmobile?
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