Who may file a claim for financial assistance?

In Idaho, a claim for benefits under the Crime Victims Compensation Act may be filed by:

  • A victim
  • The spouse or dependents of a deceased victim
  • Authorized persons, such as a parent or guardian of a victim who is a minor

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1. Who may file a claim for financial assistance?
2. What are the conditions for eligibility?
3. What are the reimbursable expenses?
4. What expenses are not covered?
5. How do I file a claim for benefits?
6. How is the program funded?
7. What is Restitution?
8. How do I request restitution?
9. What happens after an application is filed?
10. Does the offender have to be convicted for the victim to be eligible for compensation?
11. If the victim has an insurance policy, will the program still cover the victim's expenses?
12. What is the Idaho Industrial Commission?