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Phone Directory

Name Department/Office Title Phone
Baxter, Bill Commission Commissioner 208-624-4271
Burrell, Darin Juvenile Probation Chief Juvenile Probation Officer 208-624-1345
Cherry, J'lene Treasurer's Office Treasurer 208-624-3361
Chavez, Nicky Five-County Detention & Youth Rehabilitation Center Administrator 208-624-1345
Cikaitoga, Tamra Parks & Recreation Department Director 208-624-7266
Cluff, Tom Planning & Building Administrator 208-624-4643
Christman, Rob Wastewater Systems Supervisor 208-558-7341
Davis, Lana Veteran's Services Veteran's Service Officer 208-624-4941
Dye, Brenda Coroner Coroner 208-624-4482
Eddins, Farren Court Magistrate Judge 208-624-7401
Ellis, Lance Extension Office Agent 208-624-3102
Foster, Bob Emergency Medical Service Director 208-624-7557
Fowler, Bryce Weed Department Supervisor 208-624-7442
Gregory, David Road & Bridge Department Island Park Foreman 208-558-7522
Harris, Brandon Public Works Director 208-624-1539
Hirschi, Barbara Assessor's Office Assessor 208-624-7984
Humphries, Len Sheriff's Office Sheriff 208-624-4482
Hymas, James Tri-County Probation Probation Officer 208-624-1529
Jones, Blair Road & Bridge Department Ashton Foreman 208-652-7406
Mace, Abbie Clerk's Office Clerk 208-624-7332
Miller, Curt Island Park Landfill Foreman 208-417-9296
Miller, Dana Extension Office 4-H Program Coordinator 208-624-3102
Miller, Lee Commission Commissioner 208-624-4271
Murdoch, Marcia Prosecutor's Office Prosecutor 208-624-4418
Rigby, Rowdy Road & Bridge Department St. Anthony Foreman 208-624-3261
Richey, Keith Emergency Management Coordinator 208-624-1535
Stoddard, Jordon Commission Commissioner 208-624-4271