Biking In Fremont County

Ashton Area Routes and Highlights

These bike routes use lightly traveled public roads around Ashton. Bikers are reminded to observe all traffic rules, and use caution on Hwy 32 and 47. The Rails-to-Trails from Ashton to Lamont is open to bikes, but is not paved. It features two scenic railroad trestles: at Fall River and Conant Creek.

Trail Notes:

  • The Trestle Loop has moderate hills, crosses Fall River twice, once on a trestle safe for bikes.
  • The Grainville Loop follows the Trestle loop until Grainville Road, and crosses Fall River on Hwy 32. Caution is urged.
  • The Warm River Loop follows Hwy 47 for 5 miles, and has 5 miles of gravel. Recommended for mountain bikes or bikes with durable tires.
  • The Ora loop, west of Ashton, is relatively flat, lightly traveled, and crosses the Henry's Fork twice.
  • The Lamont Loop is paved, with moderate climbs. Recommended for road bikes. The loop may be shortened by following alternate routes back to Ashton.
  • An alternate Lamont Loop follows Hwy 32 from Ashton to Lamont (17 miles), and returns to Ashton on the Reclamation or Greentimber Road
  • Forest Service roads above Warm River are suitable for mountain bikes.