Victim's Rights Notification Form

Fremont County Prosecutor's Office

St Anthony, Idaho 83445



RE: State of Idaho v.___________________


Case Number:_______________________



As a victim in the above-entitled felony case, I wish to be afforded the following rights:

____ (1) To have my property returned by law enforcement agencies as soon as it is no longer needed as evidence;

____ (2) To be notified of the time of all Court proceedings in this case and the right to be present at those proceedings;

____ (3) To communicate with the prosecutor and be advised of a possible plea agreement in all cases involving crimes of violence or crimes against children;

____ (4) To refuse an interview or other contact by the defendant or by a person acting on behalf of the defendant unless the Court orders otherwise;

____ (5) To express my feelings to the Judge on the affect the crime has had on my life in a pre-sentence report given to the Judge or directly to the Judge under oath prior to sentencing;

____ (6) To read the pre-sentence report prior to sentencing;

____ (7) To be informed of the outcome of the case against the defendant, including any appeal;

____ (8) To be notified by the Commission for Pardons and Parole of relevant parole or commutation hearings, and have the opportunity to address the Commission, either in person or in writing;

____ (9) To be notified whenever the defendant is released or escapes from custody.

I have checked those rights I wish to exercise. I understand that in order to have these rights made available for me, I must notify the Fremont County Prosecutor's Office if there is any change in my address or phone number.




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